Homeopathy works by stimulating the vital energy and is one of the best natural and holistic treatments for the human being. It helps promotes proper coordination of the body ‘s vital processes and brainpower. It increases the energy of the vital force and helps in the proper metabolism of the food that we consume, thereby providing us energy. This vital force is important for the proper functioning of the body.


Homeopathy – Alternative System of Medicine

Homeopathy is the alternative system of medicine that uses the smallest active ingredient in the natural form and utilizes its minute doses which are enough for stimulating the vital force. There are hundreds of different homeopathic remedies now in existence. Homeopathic medicines come from a range of natural substances that can be either plant-based, mineral-based, or animal-based. The substances that homeopathic doctor uses to treat a patient include fresh dried herbs, activated charcoal, stinging nettle, and poison ivy. These substances are extracted or processed in an appropriate way to form tablets or pills, gels or ointments, or creams. Homeopathic medicines are safe and have no side-effects. Homeopathy helps treat issues, such as food disorders, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and stress, by using small doses of natural and safe homeopathic medicines


Homeopathy and Immune System:

Homeopathy helps stimulate the immune system and the body’s natural power to heal itself. One of the most essential aspects of homeopathy is that the treatment is individualized and tailored to every specific patient’s needs.

Homeopathy stimulates the immune system to work better and act as the defensive force of the body. The immune system within the body is what protects you from various microbes from the world outside. However, the immune system can face problems and can defend the body only as much as it is possible. Homeopathy can help boost your immunity. Thus, it’s better to add some homeopathic remedies to help your immune system to fight better.

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Homeopathy as Immune Booster

Homeopathy works at its best to protect your immune system. Do you know how many children fall sick and miss school because of being underweight and due to low immunity? Frequent cold and cough affect the immunity of the body adversely and affect you which makes you more prone to the particular disease. Homeopathy helps boost your immunity, thereby preventing you from falling sick and, if you happen to fall sick, it promotes effective recovery from the illness safely without any side-effects.


Say No to Antibiotics

What do you do when you fall ill? Take antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Then you should know this.

Antibiotics can provide quick relief, but, in the long run, they can reduce the potential of being immune to the infection and make you fall more ill gradually. The overuse of antibiotics can also lead to drug resistance. They have side-effects, such as rashes, nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain. The problem of low immunity must be addressed at the root. Medicines should aim at boosting the immunity not to lower it. This is exactly what homeopathy does without any side-effects. They also help in bringing down the frequency and duration of attacks.


Antibiotics and Gut Bacteria:

The use of antibiotics is associated with gut deprivation. Antibiotics are very powerful and can destroy gut bacteria which can lead to diarrhea and liver damage. Antibiotics are a type of medicines that are used to treat bacterial infections. They work by stopping the infection and preventing it from spreading by stopping the multiplication of bacteria. They do not boost the immune system. In acute cases, you may need to take them to treat the bacterial infection. But, overall immunity needs to be taken care of. Some broad-spectrum antibiotics act on curbing the widespread of the bacteria that is they act on a wide range of diseases. Other antibiotics are meant to kill particular species of bacteria. Antibiotics are very important and effective for treating certain infections. Yet, they can come up with some negative side-effects.

For example, excessive use of antibiotics can damage your liver. One of the medical studies has shown that antibiotics are the most common cause of the development of drug-induced liver injury. Antibiotics have a lot of negative effects on the trillions of bacteria and other microbes living in the intestines. These bacteria are collectively called as gut microbiota. In addition to killing disease resulting due to bacteria, the antibiotics end up killing healthy bacteria.

Taking too many antibiotics can drastically change the amounts and types of bacteria within the gut microbiota.


Make-Up of Gut:

It is important to note that having antibiotics just for a week can change the make-up of the gut for up to a year. Some studies have revealed that changes in the gut microbiota resulting due to excessive antibiotic-use in early life may increase the risk of weight gain and obesity. Finally, by changing the types of bacteria living in the intestine, antibiotics can cause intestinal side-effects including diarrhea. Eating fermented foods can help to some extent, but you need medicines that can reduce the duration, frequency, and severity of the attack and that can make you less susceptible to the infections.

Infection can result due to lowered immunity. When your defensive mechanism of the body is not strong enough, it leads to more problems. Remember antibiotics are important for you when you have a bacterial infection. Taking probiotics can help reduce the intestine problem but cannot replace the gut bacteria. As the absorption capacity of the gut reduces, it leads to more problems of immunity.


Restore the Gut Flora:

Restoring the gut flora is essential, but the absorption capacity of the body is reduced as the side-effect of the antibiotics. Sometimes, you have to take a course of antibiotics else the infection may multiply, and it’s important to restore gut health as quickly as possible. Make sure that after the course of antibiotics, you have fermented food and switch to homeopathy as well which will reduce the intensity and the severity of the attack of infection. Remember this that antibiotics target all the bacteria – the good one as well as the bad one. It does not restore immunity that homeopathy does.

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