Prostatitis-ComplicationsWhat is Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a condition in which there is an inflammation of the prostate gland. The prostate is small gland found around the neck of the urinary bladder of males. It is an important part of the male reproductive system.


What Are The Prostatitis Complications ?

Many complications can occur if prostatitis is not diagnosed and treated within time. These complications include conditions, symptoms or other disorders caused as a result of Prostatitis:

  • Chronic prostatitis
  • Collection of pus in the gland (called Abscess)
  • Sudden severe retention of urine
  • Recurrent urinary infections
  • Painful urination
  • Bacterial infection spreading into the bloodstream (called Sepsis)
  •  Inflammation of the cord of the testes (called Epididymitis)
  • Chronic backache
  • Infertility and semen abnormalities
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Elevated PSA  levels (Prostate specific antigen) may lead to prostate cancer

Recurrent urinary infections are the commonest complications one can face with prostatitis. Backache is commonly found in patients who have developed prostatic hypertrophy (increase in the size of prostate gland). These conditions may get worse as the age progresses, if prostatitis remains undiagnosed. Rarely does prostatitis get converted to cancer.

Prostatitis may at times be asymptomatic depending on the PSA levels, general health and immunity of the patient.

Patients with non bacterial prostatitis (an uncommon variety) may enjoy a normal health and can carry out their daily routine very well. The symptoms can last for a long time, although they may have waxing and waning which may vary in severity. Most men with chronic prostatitis respond and get better within 6-8 months of treatment. While others with an altered immunity may need a longer time to get complete recovery.

Can I prevent Prostatitis?

An injury during horse riding or bicycle riding, a recent urinary infection, having had a sexually transmitted infection or having a catheter in the bladder makes the patient more prone to develop prostatitis. Hence certain precautions need to be taken for males between 40 to 60 yrs of age. These precautions include drinking sufficient fluid, taking early treatment in case of urinary infections and maintaining proper hygiene.

So, start taking these precautions today and prevent chronic prostatitis because it is never too late! If you do suffer from prostatitis, get treated with Dr Rajesh Shah’s homoeopathy so that Prostatitis Complications are prevented.

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