asthmaDuring Diwali most doctors note that the number of patients visiting hospitals or clinics with the complaints of severe breathlessness goes very high. Even healthy individuals, who do not suffer from asthma, visit with complaints of severe cough after diwali.

As we are into the midst of diwali celebrations, here are certain simple instructions to be followed which will make your diwali celebrations healthier, safer and cheerful… especially if you are an asthma patient.

Remain indoors to avoid exposure to smoke  of crackers:

  • In diwali, air pollution is at its peak. Firecrackers which are an inseparable part of diwali celebrations, make our atmosphere several times more polluted as compared to regular days. Smoke which accumulates in air due to bursting of firecrackers can trigger asthma in children as well as in adults. One should avoid getting into this polluted air and should stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Smoke that is released in air from firecrackers has lot of poisonous chemicals like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, cadmium. Inhalation of smoke can lead to severe asthmatic episodes with breathlessness.

If at all you are stepping out of the house, cover your nose and mouth either with a mask or handkerchief.

Don’t get involved into house cleaning:

On the auspicious festival of diwali, though cleaning of your house is a must before rituals, asthma patients should never participate in vigorous house cleaning.

While your house is undergoing cleaning and dusting, move out of the house and stay at your friend’s, neighbor’s or relative’s house until the cleaning is done.

If this is not possible, keep yourself in one room to avoid inhaling air studded with lot of dust particle. Dust particles are potential asthma triggers and exposure to dust can make you suffer with severe acute episode of asthma attacks finally keeping you away from diwali celebrations.

Asthma in adults as well as children can also get triggered by chemical fumes which are released into air during house painting. Hence asthmatics should stay out of the house while your house is being painted.

Don’t skip your regular asthma medications:

If you are already going through an asthma episode, make a point that you continue taking your regular asthma medications.

Do keep quick relief medicines

with you so that in case you start feeling breathless, you can immediately resort to quick relief inhalers before you reach a doctor for asthma.

If quick relief medicines are not helping you, visit the nearest hospital at the earliest.

Steam inhalation:

Simple steam inhalation can be a very good household solution to keep your airways dilated and prevent asthma attacks. It can be done on regular basis for 4-5 days before diwali or before stepping out of the house on diwali evening.

Avoid eating oily food and sweets:

As oily food and sweets both can trigger asthma in children as well as in adults, it is better to celebrate diwali with less oily food and less sweets.

As per doctors, during these days, diet of asthmatics should consist of simple homemade food cooked in less oil. Daily diet should consist of fruits and vegetables along with other ingredients.

Move to less polluted areas of city:

For those who are known to suffer from severe asthma attacks during diwali, in spite of taking preventive asthma medications, should travel to less polluted areas in the outskirts of the city. If possible one can plan to travel to nearby villages where air is less polluted.

One can also plan a holiday to a hill station as a part of your diwali celebrations.

If your kid is suffering from asthma you need to be extra careful and watchful as kids may get tempted to play with firecrackers and get out of the house to extremely polluted air. Also parents should make a point that their kids always carry inhalers with them.

These simple tips will help ensure that you enjoy your diwali despite your asthma. Do remember to keep taking your asthma medicines and visiting your doctor for asthma as advised.

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