What Is Nephrotic Syndrome?

Nephrotic Syndrome is a disease of the kidney. It is derived from the two words ‘Nephros’ meaning kidney and ‘Syndrome’ denoting a group of symptom.

It is characterized by loss of proteins in the urine. It can affect children and adults of any age, male and female. It is more common in males.

Nephrotic Syndrome shows symptoms like swelling of face, abdomen, eyes, feet or hands. Alternately, one may notice an unusual gain in weight. There may be reduction in the quantity of urine. Lack of appetite, fever, diarrhea and raised blood pressure may be other symptoms.

Modern Medicine Treatment For Nephrotic Syndrome:

  1. Diuretics: Diuretics are certain medications that are given to reduce your swelling. Diuretics work by removing the additional fluid collected in the body by means of urine.
  2. Anti Hypertensives: Blood pressure lowering medications or Anti-Hypertensives may be prescribed if you have high blood pressure.
  3. Steroids: The most common nephrotic syndrome treatment is steroid medications which aim to stop the loss of proteins. Unfortunately, these steroids can have a number of side effects like increase in weight, rise in blood pressure, reduced bone density, increase in blood sugar levels, etc.
  4. Other Immuno-suppressants: Certain medications which suppress the immunity may be prescribed if steroids do not help enough or cause side effects which are too uncomfortable. Cortisone resistance and dependent Nephrotic Syndrome requires Cyclophosphamide as a medicine as a next line of treatment. Cyclophosphamide is powerful medicine having several side effects.

Homoeopathic Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment

In his experience, Dr Rajesh Shah has seen that homoeopathic medicines are very effective for Nephrotic syndrome treatment at Lifeforce. Homoeopathy aims to bring down the severity, frequency and duration of the recurrent episodes and to decrease the dependency on steroid medicines.

General Advice for Nephrotic Syndrome

Foods to be avoided:

  • High protein content
  • Excess Salt, fat intake
  • Foods like: Salted wafers and biscuits, papads, popcorns, pickles, snacks, canned meat.etc
  • Excess of oily food like butter, ghee, vegetable oil, processed cheese

Foods that can be taken:

Cow’s milk, skimmed milk


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