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Every woman will periodically have some normal vaginal discharges which help in maintaining the chemical balance and flexibility of vaginal muscles thereby serving as a defensive mechanism for the vagina. However, if the amount of discharge increases and becomes too thick with a change in color to whitish or yellowish, it might indicate signs of an infection. This medical condition wherein a woman experiences thick whitish or yellowish discharge from the vagina is termed as Leucorrhoea.

Vaginal discharge to a certain extent is considered to be healthy since it helps out in flushing out the dead cells in the reproductive organs. Excess discharge with a change of color to thick whitish, yellowish, or red color indicates inflammation or infection within the vagina or cervix.


Types of Leucorrhoea

(i) Physiological Leucorrhoea: Normally identified as a part of our body’s defense mechanism. The thin whitish or yellowish discharge vaginal area lubricated helping in preserving the flexibility of vaginal tissues. This type of leucorrhoea is associated with estrogen hormonal stimulation.

(ii) Inflammatory Leucorrhoea: Inflammation to the vaginal tissues is common. Inflammatory Leucorrhoea occurs from some bacterial infection or due to sexually transmitted diseases. The discharge from the vagina will be thick yellowish or reddish in color accompanied by a foul smell.

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What are the Causes behind leucorrhoea?

The Vaginal area consists of several bacteria whose growth is controlled and affected by factors such as pH level and hormonal balance. Once the equilibrium is found disturbed a surge in bacterial count may occur resulting in infections. The various causes which may trigger an increase in bacterial activity are

(i) Infection through mildew: Vaginal mildew or vaginal infection from fungus-like yeast.

(ii) Infection from sexually transmitted diseases

(iii) Blister or swelling at the head of the womb

(iv) Poor hygiene usually while using the toilet

(v) Weak immune system or a diet deprived of nutrients

(vi) Inflammation of lower abdomen areas



The main symptoms of Leucorrhoea include

(i) Excessive vaginal discharge which is thick and looks yellowish, reddish, blackish, or whitish in color. The discharge may give a foul smell also.

(ii) Pain in thighs and calf muscles

(iii) Burning sensation while passing urine

(iv) Pain and heaviness in the lower abdomen

(v) Fatigue, headache, giddiness, lack of appetite

(vi) Anemia

(vii) Fungal infection in toes and fingers


Diagnosis and Management

An experienced medical practitioner may look into various aspects such as the history of the disease(like since when), duration of discharge, check for physical symptoms such as anemia, the onset of fungal infection in toes and fingers, itching sensation, physical examination to determine inflammation, etc. In certain cases, doctors may recommend a microscopic examination of the discharge for the detection of pus cells to identify the type of infection.

The number of patients approaching for suitable Homeopathy remedy for Leucorrhoea is on the rise recently. The main reason being homeopathy medicines are found to be free from side effects and a vivid range of medicines can be suggested depending upon the symptoms. One cannot expect all the patients to come up with only a particular kind of symptom for leucorrhoea. This complexity in patients is where homeopathy becomes all the more effective when in comparison to other streams of treatment.


Top 7 homeopathy medicines for leucorrhoea:

A few of the most common medicines suggested for Leucorrhoea based on the various symptoms are shown below


(i) Sepia: Sepia is suggested as a strong remedy for patients coming up with symptoms like discharge is yellowish or greenish with much itching sensation. Menses may be too late and scanty, irregular, or early and profuse. The patient may experience bearing down sensation in the pelvis as if everything would escape through the vulva. Patients may appear weak or can show signs of fatigue.


(ii) Calcarea Carb: Calcarea Carb is recommended for patients coming up with symptoms such as leucorrhoea before the onset of menses. Discharge my look milky in appearance followed by severe itching and burning sensation. Menses may be too early, too profuse, or too long with vertigo. Leucorrhoea in young girls before reaching puberty.


(iii) Kreosotum: Kreosotum is usually recommended when patients exhibit symptoms such as profuse yellow discharge, excessive itching on the vaginal area, Menses can be too early and prolonged. Leucorrhoea discharge will be offensive and acrid.


(iv) Mecurris: Patients complaining of symptoms such as Leucorrhoea discharge which is greenish and bloody, damage to skin and tissues at vaginal area, burning and itching becoming worst after urination, menses is profuse with abdominal pains etc are kept on a medication of mecurris for recovery.


(v) Ambra Grisea: Ambra Grisea is suggested as a homeopathic remedy when discharge is found profuse and bluish in color and it may become worse at night times. Menses is such patients may come early than expected. Discharge of blood between periods is also noticed in some patients.


(vi) Medorrhinum: When Leucorrhoea discharges are found to be thin, acrid, excoriating, and with a fishy smell medorrhinum is recommended as a cure. In such patients, the menses will be profuse, dark with an offensive odor.


(vii) Natrum Mur: Natrum Mur is recommended to patients having symptoms of Leucorrhoea like thick, white, and transparent discharge. The discharge may increase during walking and bearing down pain may occur in the abdomen also.


Like we have discussed earlier the various causes resulting in Leucorrhoea can come from poor hygiene, weak immune system, and a diet lacking in essential nutrients. Hence it is essential to maintain good personal hygiene along with clean and tidy maintenance of your toilets. Also please don’t forget to have a diet rich in various nutrients which can help in improving general immunity.

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