All You Need To Know About Muscular Atrophy And Its Homeopathic Remedies

Muscle atrophy happens when there is muscle wasting. It commonly occurs when there is no physical activity for a great period. It may also happen after a trauma or injury to the affected muscles. Some of the cases are reversible with proper care and diet. Fortunately, homeopathy is effective in treating the condition. And, if you are wondering what causes muscular atrophy, what its symptoms are, and how homeopathy can help, think no further. Read on to learn all about it.

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Causes of Muscle Atrophy:
Here are some common causes of muscle atrophy.
1.Lack of muscle activity for a prolonged span or an extended period.
2.Normal aging in individuals.
3.Alcohol mediated: If the person is on excessive drinking over a period, it will cause pain and weakness in the muscles.
4.After massive burns.
5.Trauma and accidents.
6.Nutrition issues.
7.Nerve injuries.
8.After stoke.
9.Corticosteroid therapy is taken for a very long period.

Symptoms of Muscle Atrophy:
Here are some common symptoms of muscle atrophy.
1.One of the upper or lower extremities is found to be smaller or much leaner than others quite visibly.
2.Experiencing weakness in one of the limbs when compared to others.
3.When the individual is physically inactive for many years.

4 Best Homeopathic Remedies for Muscle Atrophy:
Here are some homeopathic remedies which help treat muscle atrophy.
It is one of the main remedies for muscular weakness and atrophy. It can be given to individuals who are suffering from a simple muscle twitching or irritation and about the destruction of the muscles. The remedy covers not only the muscles of the brain but also the muscles of the trunk and that of the organs. When the patient experiences a complete loss of sensation, weakness, gripping, trembling, twisting, and shooting pains in the neck region, this medicine is recommended. The remedy is given particularly for the atrophy of deltoid and its contractions. It is also suited for edema and the shortening of muscles. Individuals with unsteady gait also find it beneficial. Aggravation of all complaints of muscle atrophy during the night hours and from motion indicates this medicine.

2.Argentum nitricum:
Argentum nitricum is a very good remedy for the sensitivity of the spine. The pain in the spine which aggravates during the night hours indicates this medicine. It is well-suited for individuals with trembling, tiredness, and weakness of the extremities and those who can’t walk with eyes closed. The rigidity and spasticity of the calf muscles with debility and unsteadiness in walking and standing indicate this medicine. When all the complaints are aggravated from the cold and during night hours and relief in the symptoms gets better in the fresh air, this medicine may help.

It is well-suited when the person has hypertrophy of muscles and, sometimes, atrophy of the muscles. Most individuals with a hollow chest with a tubercular or syphilitic tendency may find this remedy helpful. Trembling of the muscles with burning, numbness of muscles, weakness, and debility are key symptoms that indicate this remedy.

4.Kali Phos:
Kali Phos is an effective remedy for muscular atrophy and weakness. It is normally called a constitutional remedy and is given along with other groups of remedies.

I hope my blog is informative and helpful for you to understand muscle atrophy and the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating it.

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