Mother nature has the power to please comfort and calm one soul. Its the mother nature that heals you or that has the power to heal you in the right direction. So be glad that you have some inner restorative powers and some foods in nature that are plant-based which help you to achieve cure. The discovery and development of antibiotics is a lifesaver for many humans. But Are antibiotics safe?? It causes many side effects in long run. Having antibiotics once a while is safe enough but having too many antibiotics for a long period of time by increasing the frequency of infection is not good for the body. Think over it.

Antibiotics are broad-spectrum antibiotics that kill various bacteria and viruses but it also affects the gut flora leading to minimizing the good bacteria in the gut. This affects the digestion power and the absorption power of the gut. When your immune system is low the bacteria gets activated in the body and multiplies at the steady rate causing infection in the body which gives rise to fever and headache because your body is trying to fight against the infection. This is difficult to be taken care of. Unfortunately, bacteria are highly adaptable. They are able to evolve to becomes immune to the medications we throw at it. This process is called antibiotic resistance . and it’s happening all the time. Our overuse of antibiotics has seriously activated this process.

For this reason, it is often to give your body time so that it can help recover without antibiotics. which to homeopathy which goes well with mother nature healing and helps you to achieve and restore your vital force naturally and effectively. We often forget nature, nature is not something separate from us So when we say we have lost connection with nature actually we have lost connection with ourselves. Our mind, body, and spirit are connected to each other. And we should appreciate the process of healing by mother nature. Natural treatments like homeopathy and Ayurveda are basically the best treatment for the body and help to heal with mother nature. Enjoy simply the benefits of nature and plant-based foods which acts as natural antibiotics and try to keep you healthy

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Overuse of antibiotics:

Overuse of antibiotics can cause antibiotic resistance. One should try not to increase the frequency of antibiotics as the bacteria and virus in long run becomes resistant to that particular combination of drugs or antibiotics. It also affects gut flora as antibiotics kill all the microflora the healthy bacteria of the gut. Make sure you eat fermented foods and take probiotics for the same which will help the patient. You should be advised of the use of probiotics after the antibiotic course. This level of overuse of antibiotics has punched it to a breaking point. Now antibiotics are developed all the time. If you are scared you should be because antibiotics are not good for a healthy body Don’t gamble with your health for minor infection go for homeopathy and give your body a chance enough without antibiotics to fight against the disease.

Antibiotics also contain fillers which are called excipients which are used by the body to cause more and more oxidative stress. They are nothing but bulking agents with formulated constituent which helps in fight infection. this active ingredient or constituent is with additional supplementation called the bulking agents which increase the shelf life of the tablet. You need to take care when you take the tablet as you are consuming the fillers as well which are nothing but harmful chemicals to the body and they derange the internal system if taken for long term so you need to be careful.


Mother nature has many foods that help in natural healing and are considered as natural antibiotics. Switch to those and improve the process of healing faster and naturally. Taking them as prevention through food is also considered the best source of medicine.


Garlic: Garlic is an all-around superfood and along with controlling blood pressure it also helps in improving the natural defense system of the body. It takes care of the immunity from within. It is anti-viral anti-fungal and antimicrobial in nature. This is thanks to the compound called allicin also present in onions. When your mother makes the ginger garlic paste you should be thankful to her for adding it in the foods that you eat as it is a natural source of antibiotics which is very essential for the body. To fight infection use crushed garlic or slightly cooked or raw. Offensive smell from the mouth on eating garlic !!!! Don’t ignore the benefits.

Grapefruit seed extract. It is very rich in vitamin C and helps to build the immune system It is used for bacterial infections and communicable diseases

Ginger: It is the same as garlic used as antibacterial and antifungal and very effective in fighting infections. Ginger is an excellent spice to eat every day. It contains gingerol which is an active component to reduce the risk of developing cancers and prevent soothe digestive issues. Ginger has been used as a natural antibiotic especially in foodborne antibiotics. Its good to eat little ginger with meals.

Antibiotic resistance is a serious issue and so can also overcome it by using natural foods that are available to us by mother nature Incorporate these foods in your daily diet to boost the immune power. We are well aware of all fresh green vegetables and colorful fruits that are rich in antioxidants. If you are already prone to infections take preventive measures to include the mother nature foods and help in holistic healing which is necessary to keep you healthy

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