back-painThere is soback-painmething that majority of us carry on our backs. Earlier it was the school bag, and now it is back pain. Low back pain has become one of the commonest pains that people face in today’s era. Long working hours at the computer, decreased physical activity and exercises, long hours of driving vehicles, etc puts a lot of pressure on our back.

of all these bad postures are one of the causes identified for back pain. There are some posture mistakes that you might be making. By correcting these you can decrease your chances of spinal injuries as well pain.

Leaning on one leg: This posture is common with those who travel by public transport such as buses, trains, mothers who carry small kids on one hip and students/adults who carry heavy backpacks. Also called as “hanging on one hip”, this posture puts more pressure on a single side of your hip and lower back. As a result, one doesn’t use the buttock muscles and core muscles to stand upright. This in turn creates muscular imbalance causing strain on the lower back. This uneven distribution leads to low back pain.

Slouching in a chair with shoulders hunched forward: This posture is your body’s favourite since it doesn’t put much pressure on your back muscles to maintain posture. But, over time, it can cause strain over muscles which arre already in pain due to other causes. Though not immediately, but the pain may begin after a prolonged period when you continue to stay in this posture. This posture gradually strains the muscles of the back, thus generating pain in the low back.

Hunching over keyboard or mobile phone: Today’s work and mobile phone addiction is the major cause of the commnest posture mistake that people make. This position can cause weakening of upper back, put pressure on your spine and you can land up having upper and lower back pain.

Sticking your bottom out: This posture is identified by an inward curve that is developed in the lower back. It is common among people who have a large tummy or excessive weight around stomach, in pregnant females and women who wear high heels. This excessive bend puts strain on the muscles of the back, causing low back pain.

Poor lifting techniques: Improper lifting can lead to back injuries causing pain and disability. Hence, it is crucial to adopt proper lifting techniques to avoid low back pain. For example, you can try bending at the hips and at the same time push your chest out forward keeping the back straight. This posture allows the legs and hips to produce the necessary power for lifting and avoid unnecessary strain on the muscles of the lower back.

Being static at one place for prolonged duration: Staying in one position for long duration of time i.e. for more than half an hour or so strains the muscles of the back. This posture mistake can slowly cause decrease in the elasticity of muscles leading to pain and stiffness. A small walk can give a break to the muscles that overwork to maintain this posture and reduce the low back pain.

Maintaining a proper posture and exercising daily to maintain the strength and flexibility of the muscles is the key to keeping low back pain as well as back injuries at bay. In addition, homeopathic treatment can help you get relieved of your back pain without popping frequent painkillers.

Homoeopathy will also relieve the spasms caused by prolonged strain or minor injuries if any. Homoeopathic treatment at LifeForce has helped multiple patients of low back pain. Ask us how homoeopathic treatment can help your low back pain.
Support your back, that will support you for life.

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