SAFED PANI that is what we usually hear from women suffering from it. Leucorrhoea, this word is derived from the GREEK, which means WHITE. So leucorrhoea means thick yellowish-white discharge coming out from the vagina (female genital organ). It is further divided into 2 main categories, i.e,

  1. Physiological leucorrhoea (Normal )
  2. Pathological leucorrhoea. (Infectious )

Leucorrhoea can occur to any age group of females, we can see it from female infants to elderly aged women. The only difference lies whether it is normal or abnormal. Many females in their day-to-day activity ignore this discharge and live with it in discomfort and uneasiness. Usually, we see it in females who are about to get their first period or female infants who are newly born. This happens due to the reaction of the vagina with the estrogen release, thus causing leucorrhoea. The amount of leucorrhoea getting discharged depends on upon from female to female. It can be either odorless or foul smelling depending upon the pathology causing it.

Causes of leucorrhoea:

  1. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Parasitical infections.
  3. Bacterial infections.
  4. Fungal infections.
  5. Mental stress and strain.
  6. Excessive physical exertion., etc

Characteristics of leucorrhoea:

  1. Corrosive
  2. Foul smelling.
  3. Thick curd like.
  4. Stains the inner wear.
  5. Hot to touch.
  6. Any specific color.

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Physiological Leucorrhoea:

This occurs mostly due to the reaction/response of the vaginal mucosa to the estrogen levels in the body, secreted by the pituitary gland. Sometimes the quantity of this leucorrhoea can get excessive and cause discomfort to the patient. For eg:

  • Leucorrhoea before menses.
  • When the female comes in pubertal age.
  • Leucorrhoea in newborn female infants.
  • Leucorrhoea when increased stress levels.
  • Leucorrhoea when sexually active, etc

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These are the few conditions where we find leucorrhoea common and is natural. The only thing that worries is the quantity when it increases and causes discomfort. So the good news is that Homeopathy gives us excellent results in treating this excessive discharge of leucorrhoea.

Pathological Leucorrhoea:

This can be caused due to multiple reasons, but following are the main:

  1. (Gonococcus)
  2. (Candida albicans)
  3. Parasitical ( Trichomonas vaginalis)
  4. Auto-immune diseases, etc

These factors cause burning, itching, redness, excessive leucorrhoea discharge and great discomfort to the patient. If neglected can further cause complications to the patient. Thus prevention is better than cure. Homeopathy provides great results for such conditions and without any side-effects.

– Written by Dr. Nikita Rana.

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