Since the beginning, Aarav’s behavior differed dramatically from that of his elder brother Aaradhya and other kids. As a baby, Aarav didn’t care if he was kissed, held, hugged, or swaddled. He didn’t respond to his parents’ silly faces which they would make to make their beloved son laugh. He was very energetic, hyperactive, and used to spring back on the walls. Initially, his parents thought that it’s just the way boys are. But, as the days passed, Aarav’s parents realized something was not right. One day, a stranger in the supermarket said to Aarav’s parents “Can’t you control your son?”, following the tantrum thrown by their 2-year-old son Aarav, and, that time, Aarav’s parents realized that something is seriously wrong and then they consulted the doctor. And, it was diagnosed as ADHD.


Many people consider it a simple focus problem or kids’ natural exuberance. However, precisely speaking, ADHD is an inability to concentrate, control impulses, hyperactivity, and causes a great disturbance in the normal functioning at home and school. It may be accompanied by a host of other symptoms and disorders, which is a challenge to a child and test of the people who love the child.


ADHD children may present with a wide range of academic, social, and behavior problems. The following are the important symptoms that must be applied to merit a diagnosis as ADHD.



One of the most common symptoms of ADHD is hyperactivity. You may observe that a child with ADHD is always on the go and is extremely energetic and tireless. They keep on running around and frequently keep on changing the seat in their classroom. Even while sitting in the classroom, you may observe them twisting and turning in the seats often. They talk fast and excessively and often interrupt into conversations. Kids with ADHD are uneasy, nervous, and constantly perform involuntary movements of their hands and feet that reflect their restlessness and discomfort.


   2. Impulsivity:

Impulsiveness is a prominent symptom of ADHD kids. They find it hard to wait to react to or to talk. ADHD kids have a poor understanding of how their words or behavior affect the people around them and don’t realize the consequences of their actions. Due to their impulsiveness, they overreact to disappointment and frustration. They push the others in the queue, grab the things from other kids, and find great difficulty in following the rules.

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   3.Behavioral issues:

The most common problems with ADHD kids are that they are defiant and aggressive. They are always in an irritable mood and throw temper tantrums which seems to be out of proportion to the situation. They are quite uncooperative and kick and bite other kids. The pattern of being deceitful, frequent lying, stealing, and breaking rules is quite commonly observed.


   4.Cognitive problems:

ADHD kids find it difficult to focus on studies, in paying attention, or they have a short attention span. They are forgetful, absent-minded, and do careless mistakes. They easily get distracted by the events around them or by even the slightest noise.


   5.Repetitive behaviors:

A child with ADHD shows repetitive behaviors, such as unfolding and folding the arms and legs, swirling around, clapping, flapping the hands, nail-biting, and other repetitive acts.



Children with ADHD aren’t always hyperactive and loud. Another prominent sign of this condition is being less involved in activities and being quiet. The child keeps on staring with a blank look and take no notice of what is going around.


Raising a child with ADHD constitutes extra challenges for the parents. Coming to terms with an ADHD diagnosis can stir up a variety of emotions in parents. After proper evaluation of a child, once it is diagnosed as ADHD, knowing what to expect and how to best control the life of ADHD kids will help in coping with the emotional upheaval.


ADHD management plan includes combined approaches, such as effective behavioral therapies which include parents training, peer interventions, classroom management, and cognitive behavioral therapy with medicines. Each of the approaches helps increase the other’s effectiveness.


Undiagnosed ADHD can severely damage a child’s life and can also impact the child’s loved ones. So, if you notice any of the signs and symptoms which are listed above, kindly consult the doctor and get your child properly evaluated.


  • Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.


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