If you think your immune system is just something that helps you fight cold and cough, you might not be completely correct as it’s a lot more than it. The immune system is a highly protective complex and intelligent system that impacts your healing from head to toe. Several factors, ranging from your diet, lifestyle, the illness you have had, medications you take, the toxins in your body, to people with you interact on daily basis, can have a direct impact on the immune system. It can affect the balance of your immune system adversely resulting in an excessive inflammation that worsens the allergies and pain, thereby leading to a serious health condition.

Nutrition plays a meaningful role in the way how tissue repairs and rebuilds and how the body fights off the infections and regains energy. Many nutrients help to accomplish these tasks, namely collagen, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Collagen and its amino acids are essential for promoting the healing process of various body parts, such as skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, blood vessels, and bones. Antioxidants remove harmful free radicals from the bloodstream and repair the immune system, and the vitamins and minerals play a vital role in healing.

Your immune system is made up of a complex network of cells and organs that protect your body from harmful infections. The lymphatic system which is comprised of lymph nodes is a part of your immune system and releases white blood cells to fight out infections. You need to be aware of how your immune system is at work if you notice your lymph glands getting enlarged and swollen. This inflammation is an indication that your lymph nodes are combating infection and your immune system is working well.

Focus on these foods to improve your immunity and overall health. Just as cross-training and running keep the body healthy by making many muscles work, eating a variety of foods helps your body function properly and promotes good health, thereby benefiting different parts of your body.

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  1. Protein helps to repair the tissues and fights off infections. Certain amino acids, such as arginine and glutamines, found in proteins help to improve the healing of surgical wounds and decrease the inflammation throughout the body. Eat lean meats, bone broth, fish, egg, nuts, beans, legumes, and avocado.
  1. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that supports immune response and helps rebuild collagen. Choose to eat citrus, green leafy, bell peppers, broccoli, and berries.
  1. Vitamin A boosts immunity and lowers the risk of infection. It supports wound healing through collagen strength.
  1. Vitamin D plays an important role and is a significant part in maintaining the immune system. It is found in the milk, salmon, eggs, and from sunshine.
  1. B vitamins aid in tissue repair, immune support, and cell metabolism. Make meals by using dark green leafy vegetables and whole grains.
  1. Vitamin K aids your body with healthy blood clotting. It is abundant in dark green leafy vegetables. 
  1. Zinc helps to create and activate our immune system white blood cells. It is quite important in collagen production and enzymatic reactions that help in the healing of the wounds. Also, it is a protective antioxidant. Oysters, red meat, chicken, beans, spinach, nuts, and pumpkin seeds comprise zinc which helps boost your immunity.
  1. Selenium is a potent antioxidant that protects your immune system. Enjoy eating Brazil nuts, tuna and halibut, grass-fed beef, turkey, and chicken.
  1. Water keeps your body well-maintained and prevents you from getting dehydrated. When patients are well-hydrated, they report less pain, as the inflammatory bodies are flushed out of the system and the body’s absorption power is increased. Be aware that sodium in sports drinks can cause water to retain, so better stick to simple, pure water.

Skip processed sugar-filled beverages, and whip up the chocolate smoothie that delivers healthy fat, protein, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. When the immune system is down or overworked, it is best to avoid sugar and inflammatory foods that will further suppress the immune function and divert your body’s healing power.

Make sure you consult your doctor before taking any medications, supplements, or herbs. Consume nutrient-rich foods that help in boosting your immunity and help your body to regain power.

Remember that long-term medicine can cause difficult assimilation in the body. The conventional line of treatment has a lot of side-effects, as the toxins get built up in the body which hampers the natural healing process. Go for the natural mode of treatment to boost your immunity in the long run. Many people are now turning to holistic medicine and homeopathy to take care of their bodies, as the absorption levels are important in maintaining a toxin-free body.

So, count on homeopathy any time to boost your immunity and enjoy a healthy life.

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