Are you looking for a homeopathic treatment for Leukemia and wondering how effective Homeopathic treatment is? This blog discusses the efficacy of homeopathy treatment in Leukemia along with the list of best homeopathic medicine for Leukemia.

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood and blood-forming tissues of bone marrow and lymphatic system and spleen, thereby affecting the body’s ability to fight off an infection. Every year around 6000 people are expected to be diagnosed with some type of Leukemia. The exact cause for Leukemia is not yet known, however, some risk factors that seem to play a part in some cases of Leukemia are a family history of cancer, exposure to certain chemicals, and smoking.

Conventional treatment for Leukemia depends on the stage of Leukemia, type, and symptoms of Leukemia. Conventional treatment options for Leukemia include surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Biological therapy, Targeted therapy which stops the actions of abnormal cells, stem cell transplant, and oral medications, such as antidepressants and psychostimulants.


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 How Homeopathy Helps in Treating Leukemia? 

Various types of treatment options are available when it comes to cancer treatment and one of them is Homeopathy, which is one of the common complementary therapies that cancer patients count on. It offers a completely different type of treatment than conventional medicines, as homeopathy stimulates the body’s innate healing capacity to restore its health.

Homeopathy is a specialized and individualized treatment; the key is not only to diagnose Leukemia but also to understand the characteristics and unique issues that a patient would present with. So, we might have two patients presenting with the same type of Leukemia diagnostically but we see different presentations of symptoms in patients based on which the medicines are decided so the cases of the same diagnosis of Leukemia would require different medicines. So, individualized treatment is the key to the efficacy of Homeopathic treatment.

The efficacy of Homeopathic medicines is determined by several factors the pre-existing conditions which may be present before the diagnosis is been made, and that includes the age of the patient, grade of cancer, any family history of cancer if present, and any other medicines that have been utilized since the diagnosis of Leukemia.  All these factors decide the efficacy of Homeopathic outcome. Introducing Homeopathic medicines in early diagnosed cases as soon as possible helps to improve the survival rate.

Homeopathic medicines are used for more than 200 years in the treatment of cancer. The purely surgical cases may require surgical intervention and also chemotherapy and radiotherapy whenever it is indicated and it is advised to continue. Homeopathic treatment can be effectively given in conjunction with other therapies to maximize the therapeutic outcome, minimize the side-effects of the other medicines, and increase the overall survival rate. Some positive studies have demonstrated a significant improvement in the survival rate in cases of cancer when homeopathic medicines are used in conjunction with a conventional line of treatment. There cannot be a single or exclusive line of treatment while dealing with the treatment of Leukemia. Inflammation plays a very significant role in hampering health in many chronic conditions and, particularly cancer. So, treating inflammation will have a very positive outcome in relief in some of the symptoms and the effects, which are experienced during cancer. Homeopathic medicines are effective in curtailing the further course and pace of the disease. Homeopathy is 100% safe, free from any side-effects whatsoever, and harmless.

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A list of a few indicated Homeopathic medicines includes Arsenic album, Phosphorous, Syphillinum, Ruta graveolens, Benzium, Hekla lava, Calcarea Fluorica, Calcarea carbonica, Symphytum, X-ray, Cinchona officinalis, Carica papaya, Lachesis, Thuja occidentalis, etc. Each one of the above medicines needs to be utilized effectively on an individualized prescription. Dr. Shah prescribes his research-based Homeopathic medicines along with these traditional Homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicines and it should not be used in place of conventional medicines in cancer treatment. Homeopathy along with certain lifestyle changes and dietary changes can make the treatment more manageable and successful. All the above information about homeopathy treatment of Leukemia is only for information purposes. Please consult a professional homeopath before taking any homeopathic medicine for your cancer treatment.


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