Bedwetting is a concerning and embarrassing situation for several kids and their parents. It causes troubled nights for the parents and embarrassed mornings for the children. Bedwetting, also known as Nocturnal Enuresis, is the condition characterized by involuntary urination at night that is observed in the children who are 5 years and above. And, if you are wondering what causes bedwetting in kids and how to manage it effectively, think no further. Scroll down to learn all about it.


Causes of Bedwetting in Children:

Here are some common causes of bedwetting in children.


  • Hereditary: If the child has such a family medical history or similar complaints were in the parents, siblings, or grandparents, it can be the cause of the kid’s bedwetting.
  • Chronic constipation: It causes pressure on the bladder and reduces the capacity of the bladder, thereby leading to bedwetting in children.
  • Low ADHD hormone: This hormone helps to urinate less at night. A lack of this hormone causes bedwetting.
  • Children having small urinary bladder
  • Children having ADHD or other developmental disorder
  • Inability to recognize a full bladder due to delayed development of the nervous system
  • Urinary tract infections


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Other Reasons for Bedwetting:

  • Difficulty to wake from a deep sleep: If the normal sleep of the child is disturbed by the sound of T.V, snoring, or due to other family issues, they cannot get the sensation of urination when they are in a deep sleep.
  • A lack of proper toilet training
  • Fear: Fear to get up and go toilet at night
  • Stress: Mental stress or tensions related to family, school, friends, or any sudden changes in life may cause bedwetting.


How to Manage Bedwetting in Children:

Most often, the parents feel at first that the child is lazy to get up when asleep to visit the washroom. Parents have to observe and analyze what the real problem is that their child is facing.

Proper toilet training and guidance to overcome their stress and fears by counseling the children can help them to some extent.

Never give harsh punishments to the child, as it can create embarrassment and depression in them. Teenagers, who face this problem, may restrict themselves from certain activities. They may avoid traveling and staying away from home. Try to motivate them and train them to develop the habit of urinating just before going to sleep.


Homeopathic Treatment for Bedwetting:

Homeopathic medicines can give a better and effective solution even when the child is experiencing physical or mental health issues. A detailed case analysis in homeopathy helps to find out the stress and fears that the child suffers, and, also, it treats the other causes of bedwetting in the child. Homeopathic medicines, such as Causticum, Sepia, and Argentum Nitricum, help to give good results in the relief in the complaints of bedwetting. Homeopathy is not only effective in treating bedwetting but also completely safe and causes no side-effects.

So, if your child suffers from bedwetting any time, count on homeopathy without a second thought and help your kid obtain relief in the condition effectively and safely without any side-effects.

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