I often get a glimpse of stout and obese females around me who have an excessive hair growth on their face and chin with those ugly looking acne. I feel so sorry for them since these are the females who suffer from PCOD, a very common hormonal disorder which occurs in several females these days. Polycystic ovarian disease or PCOD is a condition which affects one in every 10 females. As a matter of fact, nowadays, living in a metro city itself is a great health challenge since the pollution, hybridization of foods, cosmetic usage, lifestyle errors, and many other factors have become a daily affair. All these factors are the predisposing causes of PCOD that add fuel to the fire and lead to the development of PCOD.

I personally feel that all these causative factors are modifiable and should be corrected, preferably prevented, in the interest of the good health of women.  Of all these factors, food is the major aspect which should be focused on and evaluated to correct PCOD. As a nutritionist, I see so many female patients in my office who approach me and ask for a diet, specifically to correct their PCOD. Yes, a right diet can definitely help you deal with PCOD and get rid of the undesirable symptoms which prevent you from appearing and feeling good. I always make a point that the diet and regimen are inevitable parts of the PCOD treatment which my patients undergo. I often counsel my patients with regards to the importance of following the right diet to manage a particular disease. A right diet promotes and speeds up the recovery process by balancing the hormonal axis, thereby preventing the symptoms. Eating thoughtfully and modifying your approaches towards eating is by far the best way to treat PCOD.

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How Can I Initiate Following The Right Diet For My PCOD?

There would be an utter confusion when one thinks about the right diet to correct PCOD problem. Many females may have this question in their minds since they would have already received plenty of suggestions from their near and dear ones. To train your brain rather than your body is a great way to be more decisive and start with the appropriate diet.

  • Decide once and for all and aim to have the best health ever.
  • See an experienced nutritionist, or seek an advice from your treating physician.
  • Have a positive approach towards your health and self-interrogate by saying “I can and I will”.
  • Make your diet a way of your life rather than making it a compulsion. Trust me, you can follow it more easily than otherwise.
  • Pat your back and appreciate yourself at the end of the day for the wonderful job that you have done.

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What Foods ToEat &EliminateTo Recover From PCOD?

A low calorie, low carbohydrate, and high protein diet is the most recommendable for PCOD treatment.

  1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily. Make sure you have the greens, yellows and the reds on your plate everyday while having a full meal.
  2. Eat tofu and pulses, and drink almond milk and rice milk to fulfil the calcium and protein requirement of your body. Avoid dairy products as much as possible.
  3. Go for unsaturated fats, and delete saturated, hydrogenated and transfats from your diet. Always check the label of the product while buying i
  4. Make sure you add superfoods, such as flax seeds, fenugreek (methi) seeds, coriander seeds in your daily cooking preparations.
  5. Eat millets, such as millet (bajra), sorghum(jowar), barley, finger millet(ragi), quinoa, and corn, and restrict gluten (wheat, maida) intake.
  6. Add walnuts, almonds, and prunesto your diet, and delete cashews from your dry fruit store.
  7. Ensure you eat whole pulses, such as skinned green and yellow moong dal and chana dal, which are a good source of proteins,but restrict soybean intake.
  8. Devour fresh home-cooked food, and delete junk food.
  9. Eat lean cuts of chicken and fish. Eliminate red meat.
  10. Add sea salt or pink salt in your diet rather than regular salt. Avoid topping with salt which will help you get rid of the puffiness and bloating discomfort affecting your body.
  11. Drink a minimum of two to three liters of water every Consuming other healthy liquids,such as coconut water, buttermilk, and vegetable soups will increase your mineral and vitamin intake appropriately. Do not go for aerated drinks and sugary foods.

Ensure having four small meals throughout the day. A hearty breakfast will surely give you a kick start for the day and make you feel good about yourself. Follow it up with lunch, mid-evening snack, and go light on the dinner.

Homeopathy has a definite role to play when it comes to PCOD. Homeopathic treatment aims at an individualistic treatment for each patient, which includes a thorough case taking, examination, and suitable investigations for the correct evaluation. If you are suffering from PCOD, do let us know your feedback in the section below. We would be happy to help you if you have any queries related to PCOD and how to initiate a suitable diet to get rid of PCOD. Get in touch with Dr. Rajesh Shah’s associate doctors at Life Force Homeopathy. You may write to us at info@lifeforce.in or give us a call at +91-22-66888888.

-Written by Kanchan Gohil, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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