Impetigo-and-homeopathic-treatmentImpetigo is a highly contagious skin condition seen mostly in children who are between 2-6 years of age. It presents itself with red sores on face, around the nose and lips or fluid filled eruptions on limbs and trunk. The red sores ooze out yellowish fluid and form a brown crust.

Homeopathic Treatment: Homeopathy offers a very good scope in treating this condition. It is a recurrent skin condition. Taking homeopathic medicines from a qualified and experienced homeopath will not only heal the sores but also prevent the appearance of new sores on the body.

Why should parents go for homeopathy for the treatment of impetigo?

As said earlier impetigo is a recurrent skin condition. Conventionally, oral antibiotics are given to treat the condition. Recurrent and prolonged use of an antibiotic makes the child resistant to that particular antibiotic and the doctor has to prescribe the higher and newer antibiotics to the child for the treatment of new eruptions. Antibiotics generally produce side effects like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss etc. in the children.

Eventually, child becomes tired of taking such medicines and starts refusing them. The homeopathic medicines do not produce any toxic side effects. Sulphur, Sepia, Pulsatilla etc. are some of the few medicines which are frequently prescribed by homeopaths for the treatment of Impetigo.


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