Catching a cold can be quite annoying and discomforting experience hampering our smooth daily life. Nobody likes catching a cold. Constant sneezing, chest congestion, runny nose, sore throat, headaches, and coughing are some quite common signs of cold and flu. The discomfort due to the cold is awful, and it can knock you down for several days and hamper your daily routine. On average, an adult suffers from a cold twice or thrice a year. But, if you are catching a cold frequently and it takes longer than usual to heal, you must not take it lightly nor ignore it and find the underlying causes to treat it from its root. Frequent cold homeopathy treatment and home remedies are quite popular and highly effective in India and worldwide.

Although the majority of people catch a cold during the winter months, viruses that cause the illness are present in the air throughout the year. Some people catch a cold even during the summer or monsoon. In such cases, fighting off cold and flu by following allopathic medicines can provide you quick results and relief, but it can weaken your immune system. This means the allopathic medicines will get lesser and lesser effective with time. However, this is not the case with homeopathy & home remedies. People suffering from viral infection and cold often can count on home remedies or homeopathy medicines to obtain relief without any concerns. Homeopathic treatment for frequent cold and home remedies do not weaken your immune system. In fact, homeopathic medicines boost your immunity. Homeopathic remedies contain the goodness of natural substances and have no side-effects.

What Causes Cold?

Symptoms of cold can affect you due to one of over 200 different kinds of viruses. So, if you have an itchy throat, runny nose, or suffer sneezing, any of these viruses could be responsible. It is important to note that these are the initial symptoms affecting you and your health. Frequent cold homeopathy treatment targets rhinoviruses, the most common cluster of germs that causes viral infection during the cold months of winter. The homeopathy medicines work by weakening the effects of Rhinoviruses and several other viruses that are most active during the colder months. A qualified homeopath physician recommends the medicines, and you should take them as per their instructed dosage. Homeopathy treatment helps boost your immunity so much so that your body can resist even the worst viruses that cause the common cold, flu, and infections.

Why Should You Not Ignore Common Cold and Flu?

What will happen if you do not care for frequent cold and flu? A cold without treatment usually heals on its own within a couple of days. However, sometimes, the health of the individuals, who suffer from the common cold frequently, may worsen. It can lead to serious health complications, such as strep throat, bronchitis, and asthma. If you leave cold untreated, the mucus and phlegm in the chest don’t go away completely and they keep on accumulating, thereby leading to respiratory congestion.

Toddlers, teens, and older adults with damaged immune systems are most vulnerable to health complications. It is essential to monitor and diagnose the symptoms of a cold carefully and rely on medications that do not weaken the immune system any further, like homeopathy medicines. Homeopathy also focuses on treating the symptoms of a cold that lasts for a week or more.

Ignored or untreated cold and flu might result in discomforting health complications, such as ear infection, sinusitis, asthma, strep throat, bronchitis, and pneumonia. In addition to this, it is recently reported that a mutated form of a common cold virus has led to deaths by causing respiratory infections when left untreated. Always remember, a cold normally does not induce high fever. If you suffer from fever above 102 F along with cold and cough, you should not overlook it at all.

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How to Treat Frequent Cold with Homeopathy?

Homeopathy has been the best remedy to treat common cold in India and worldwide. Frequent cold treatment following homeopathy is quite simple yet highly effective as long as you take the right medicines in the right proportion. And, it is recommended to fix an appointment with a homeopathy doctor and consult him, because it is essential to find out the root cause of the cold and choose the medicines that correctly match your symptoms.

Here is a list of homeopathy medicines for frequent cold:

  1. Aconitum Napellus: This medicine is quite effective to treat the patients who experience a sudden onset of frequent cold and are in the initial stage of the discomforting condition. When you catch a cold due to the exposure to cold weather, this homeopathic remedy may help.
  2. Belladonna: You should consider this remedy when you experience a sudden blockage of the nose along with chest congestion and headache like someone is hammering, particularly when you get up from a sitting position or when you lean your head downwards towards your feet.
  3. Natrum Mur: Homeopaths prescribe this remedy to children who suffer from recurrent colds and the symptoms which match the particular characteristics of Natrum Mur.
  4. Nux Vomica: When the cold occurs due to over-eating or prolonged mental stress in children as well as adults, Nux Vomica may help the patients obtain relief.
  5. Pulsatilla: This medicine is best suitable to treat the children who experience chronic colds with greenish or yellow mucus and a bland thick discharge.
  6. Anas barbariae: Known by its market name – Oscillococcinum, it is quite effective in treating influenza. Homeopathy doctors found that it can treat the common cold as well.

There are loads of other medicines available in the market. However, a prescription from a homeopathy expert on the dosage of the right homeopathic remedies, based on individualized case evaluation, and how often you need to take it is crucial. It is essential to get in touch with homeopaths to receive the best effective treatment addressing the root cause when you are suffering from a chronic cold. As homeopathic medicines are free from side-effects, unlike allopathic, you can take them for a longer course, as per the requirement, without weakening your immunity or developing lethargy.

How to Stop Catching a Cold?

People who suffer from cold frequently may also suffer due to their absenteeism at work miss work, school, or college, lack the energy to perform daily activities and remain low at the productivity scale.

  1. Don’t be stressed

According to medical experts, when stress levels are high, they weaken your immune system. The weak immune system is not capable of fighting the infections, because the immune cell count in your body decreases. So, if you feel you have a lot of stress in life and you are falling sick frequently, try reducing your stress factors. For that purpose, performing stress-relieving exercises, yoga, or appropriate relaxing therapies may help.

  1. Sleep more

A healthy individual needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day to function normally and stay fit. Sleep deprivation not only makes you feel lethargic and tired but also weakens your immune system.  As said earlier, people who have a weak immune system catch cold frequently. Therefore, you should work on practicing healthy sleeping habits if you suffer from cold and flu often. Basic homeopathy medicines, such as Coffea Cruda, Nux vomica, and Silica, are used for frequent cold treatment if it occurs due to the shortage of sleep. However, taking the right proportion of these medications is extremely important, and an expert homeopath can help you with it. There are trusted homeopaths in Mumbai to whom you can always reach for medical assistance.

So, if you happen to suffer from frequent cold any time, opt for homeopathy without a second thought and get rid of the discomforting cold.


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