nose_bleedNose bleeding can occur as a result of minor causes like a blow to the nose or dryness in the nose or due to more serious underlying medical conditions like blood clotting disorders, low platelet count etc.

Following simple first aid measures will help you how to stop nosebleeds without or before seeking any medical help.

  1. Maintain Upright Posture: It’s a general tendency to tilt the head backward when one gets a nosebleed. Rather, the correct posture that one should assume is upright with head bent forward. This prevents blood going down the throat and entering into air pipe. One shouldn’t lie down during the episode of nosebleed.
  2. Nose Compression: Pinch the lower part of the nose between your thumb and index finger for minimum 10 minutes. Try nose compression for another 10 minutes if bleeding doesn’t stop in spite of continuous compression at the right place. You may comfortably breathe through your mouth.
  3. Ice Pack Compression: The reduced local temperature from applying ice over one’s nose causes constriction of blood vessels there. This helps decrease the blood flow from bleeding arteries thereby reducing the nose bleed.
  4. Oxymetazoline nasal decongestant sprays can be used if bleeding doesn’t stop. Take 1-2 drops from a nasal spray on a cotton swab and put it inside the nostrils. These sprays constrict the bleeding arteries. One should avoid using these nasal decongestant sprays repeatedly. Patients with high blood pressure shouldn’t use these sprays.

How to prevent reoccurrence of nose bleeding after initial episode:

  • Avoid picking and blowing your nose for few hours after the nose bleed.
  • Avoid strenuous heavy exercises for few hours.
  • Do not wipe off the crusts formed in the nose, as these are the part of the healing process to stop the bleeding.
  • Do not lie down for at least some hours after nose bleeding.
  • During sneezing mouth should be kept open to allow the forceful blow of air to pass through your mouth rather than through your nose.

You should consult a doctor if

  • Nose bleeding is heavy and doesn’t stop even after 20 minutes.
  • You are getting nose bleeds frequently.
  • If you are taking blood thinning medicines like warfarin or clopidogrel.
  • If you are suffering from any disorders of coagulation like hemophilia or Von Willebrand Disease.

Homoeopathic treatment for nose bleeding: There are many good homoeopathic remedies which have bleeding tendency and thus can be used very effectively to control recurrent nose bleeds or nose bleeds which don’t stop easily. Commonly used homeopathic medicines are Hamamelis Verginica, Millefolium, Ferrum Met, Elaps Cor, Phosphorus, Crocus Sativus etc.

Homeopathic medicines are given on different indications like causative factors, character of the flow of blood, etc. Consult our doctors at Lifeforce homoeopathy to know the scope of homoeopathic remedies for frequent nose bleeds.


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