Trigeminal neuralgia is a discomforting condition that affects the fifth cranial nerve resulting in periods of severe, stabbing pain that feels like an electric shock in the lips, eyes, nose, scalp, forehead, upper jaw, and lower jaw. It’s a form of neuropathic pain. The pain assaults typically last a few seconds, although they could happen repeatedly throughout the day. There may be recurrent attacks that persist for several days, weeks, or months at a time before going away for several days, months, or even years.

In trigeminal neuralgia, the trigeminal nerve, which transmits the sensation from your face to your brain, is affected. Patients may experience agonizing pain even on minor facial stimulation, such as tooth brushing or applying makeup. You can experience moderate, transient bouts initially. Trigeminal neuralgia, however, can worsen and cause longer, more frequent bursts of agonizing agony.

Types of Trigeminal Neuralgia

  • Typical trigeminal neuralgia: Typical trigeminal neuralgia is characterized by recurrent bouts of electric shock-like pain on either side of the face that can result due to many activities, including talking, chewing, and brushing teeth.
  • Atypical trigeminal neuralgia: Patients with this condition have persistent, heavy, dull, aching, or burning pain in one area of the face that gradually worsens. The pain does not have a single trigger point

Causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia

The cause of trigeminal neuralgia is often unknown, as it is not yet clear. However, certain conditions and factors can be responsible for the development of painful trigeminal neuralgia. The nerve may occasionally get pressed due to tumors, aneurysms, or adjacent blood vessels. Trigeminal neuralgia has inflammatory reasons that result due to systemic illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, sarcoidosis, and Lyme disease. Additionally, there is a link between vascular conditions of the collagen, such as scleroderma and systemic lupus erythematosus, and trigeminal neuralgia.

Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia

It feels like an electric shock and is painful. Light contact, chewing, or exposure to the cold in the mouth may make it worse. Affected people shield their faces during an attack to prevent them from being touched. This is a crucial diagnostic clue because people who have many other pain disorders, such as toothaches, often rub or grasp their faces to reduce pain.

While the person may only experience one pain attack, they may endure sharp pain repeatedly every few hours or perhaps just once every few seconds. In between episodes, the person experiences no symptoms and the pain fully goes away. However, people can become quite upset out of concern that the excruciating pain may recur. In contrast to migraines, which frequently cause a person to wake up, trigeminal neuralgia rarely strikes when a person is asleep.

Possible pain triggers include:
Touching your face, blowing your nose, shaving, or brushing your teeth; facial movement such as chewing or talking; and temperature such as chilly breezes or drinking hot or cold liquids; as well as washing with cold water all are potential triggers of trigeminal neuralgia.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment with Homeopathy

Homeopathic treatments for trigeminal neuralgia work at the level of immunity to correct the body’s errant functions. They also assist in managing trigeminal neuralgia symptoms without causing any side effects. Homeopathic treatments for trigeminal neuralgia must be customized for each patient. To tailor the treatment for trigeminal neuralgia, a thorough medical history is necessary. A thorough examination and assessment of your prior Trigeminal Neuralgia therapies and medications are done while developing the homeopathic treatment for the condition.

6 Homeopathic Medicines for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Here’s a list of some effective homeopathic solutions for painful, discomforting trigeminal neuralgia.

1. Aconitum Napellus

Trigeminal neuralgia can be effectively treated with this homeopathic medicine. When the pain aggravates or starts after exposure to the dry, chilly winds, aconite is given. Here, the pain strikes suddenly, worsening on the left side. Another noticeable trait is restlessness, and the face has a worried expression. Anguish and severe agony are present in this situation.

2. Chamomilla 200

Chamomilla is one of the best treatments for numbness and facial neuralgia. When one side of the person’s face feels red and heated and the other feels cool, this homeopathic medicine is recommended. Hot sweating and intense facial pain that is predominantly on the left side of the face and extends to the head and temples indicate this remedy. More pain than is actually present is felt by the patient. Touch makes the pain worse.

3. Magnesium Phosphoricum 200

It is a great medication to treat facial neuralgia on the right side of the face. Pains suddenly appear like lightning are indicative of this homeopathic remedy. If the body becomes chilly or the area is exposed to cold, the pain will worsen. Both applying warmth and applying pressure to the area of pain can make it feel better.

4. Colocynthis

Colocynthis is quite effective for face neuralgia, particularly on the left side, where symptoms feel like they are tearing or stitching. Most pain is felt around the eye. Hard pressure, rest, and warm treatments relieve pain. The attack can be worse around 10 pm.

5. Belladonna 200

Belladonna works wonders for right-sided facial neuralgia, particularly when the face is swollen and extremely hot. Here, significant and violent muscular twitching occurs along with the pain. An additional significant symptom is a blood rush to the brain. Another type of pain is when it comes on suddenly, goes away quickly, and then comes back around 3 o’clock. Drafts and motion make pains worse, particularly during eating.

6. Arsenicum Album 30

Another excellent treatment for trigeminal neuralgia is Arsenicum Alb. Arsenic is prescribed when the aches resemble needles and are scorching or pulling in nature. The person is thirsty, worried, and restless. Cold air and warm applications that exacerbate pain, which is also worse at night, are indicative of Arsenicum Album 30.

Trigeminal neuralgia episodes can be reduced in frequency, length, and severity with homeopathic remedies. They are completely safe, do not interact with traditional medications, and are an effective alternative form of treatment that works incredibly. Even when used as a long-term treatment, homeopathic medications serve to regulate the underlying process of nerve degeneration without causing any side effects. If you are planning to seek homeopathy treatment for Trigeminal neuralgia , it is advised to take treatment from an experienced homeopathy practitioner, as he/she can provide you with the medications according to your symptoms and condition. So, resort to homeopathy and obtain incredible relief from painful trigeminal neuralgia safely without any side effects.

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