What is Friedreich’s ataxia?

Friedreich’s ataxia is a rare kind of genetic disease where one in fifty thousand people get affected by it. This disease affects nervous system and causes loss of coordination, muscle weakness, spine curving, vision impairment, slurred speech, diabetes, heart disorders, and foot abnormalities.

It is a slowly progressive disease condition which usually appears before twenty five years of age. As the disease progresses further, the diseased patient may become wheelchair bound.

What is the cause of Friedreich’s ataxia?

It is an inherited genetic order in which there is degeneration of the nerve fibers and spinal cord.

What is the treatment plan?

Medication and cure for Friedreich’s ataxia has not been found yet. However following is the list of supportive line of treatment:

  • Surgical intervention mainly involves inserting titanium screws and rods in the spine to slow down the progression of scoliosis.
  • Those having cardiac disorders may require cardiac medicines.
  • Physiotherapy will help improve function and keep the patient ambulatory as long as possible.
  • Speech therapy will help improve speech in the patients of Friedrich’s ataxia.

What is the role of Homeopathy in Friedreich’s ataxia?

Homeopathy has a good scope as a supportive line of treatment for Friedreich’s ataxia. It has potential to control further damage and deterioration caused by the disease. In such cases, homeopathy can give partial and symptomatic relief. Homeopathy can also help tackle the psychological symptoms associated with the disease such as low mood, anxieties, and irritability. Homeopathic medicines are safe to use, without any side effects and can be taken for a long period of time.

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-Dr. Kainat Moosa , Associate Doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah , LifeForce Team.

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