Has your little one turned cranky due to the discomfort of constant itching, particularly at night? Do you find a rash, thin, irregular bumps, or tiny blisters on the body of your little one? If you nodded along worriedly, your tiny tot might be suffering from scabies. And, if you are wondering what scabies is, how you can treat scabies with homeopathy, and what precautions can help prevent its recurrence, think no further. Read on to discover all about it.

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What Is Scabies in Infants?
Scabies is a highly contagious disease occurring due to the parasitic mite which happens to infect your infant’s skin. You can find the rashes of scabies anywhere on the body of your affected newborn, and it’s often accompanied by itching. The itching may make your little one cranky. Also, with the arrival of monsoon, the risks of getting infected with various skin infections, particularly contagious infections, increase in babies. And, scabies is no exception to it. Damp weather favors the multiplication of these parasites.
Scabies most commonly occurs in kids and young adults due to outbreaks in the places, such as schools and childcare facilities. In infants, scabies usually affects the scalp, face, neck, palms, and soles. The little ones happen to get irritated and suffer from sleep & appetite issues due to parasitic infestation. You may notice that your baby turns cranky, particularly at night time, because the itching is more severe then.
Homeopathic Remedies for Scabies in Infants:
Homeopathy shows excellent results in treating Scabies. Homeopathic medicines help in relieving the itching, settling the rash, and preventing re-infestation in infants. Here are some homeopathic medicines which are effective in treating scabies in infants.

The most prominent homeopathic remedy for scabies is Sulphur. Extreme itching and scratching the skin that leads to bleeding is the key indicator of this remedy. Your infant’s itching may turn worse by washing, using woolen clothing, and on the application of the heat. When the itching discomfort may turn severe, particularly at night, this remedy is indicated. It is important to note that Sulphur skin is usually known to be unhealthy. Individuals who require Sulphur may experience an offensive discharge from their lesions.
One of the best homeopathic remedies for scabies is Psorinum. The patients who need Psorinum tend to lack immunity, catch infections very quickly, and recover slowly. Psorinum is indicated when the blisters (i.e. eruptions) exude pus and cause extreme itching which turns worse at night and with the warmth of bed. Often, Psorinum skin is dirty, rough, and greasy. The skin complaints tend to return every winter. The patient requiring Psorinum is extremely sensitive to the cold. In general, your baby may feel very weak, lethargic, and gloomy for a long time after recovering from an acute complaint.
Sepia is usually prescribed after Sulphur. It is indicated in the cases of scabies when the lesions are yellowish-brown and scaly. It is particularly indicated when scabies has been suppressed by Mercury and Sulphur. When the infant suffers from severe itching which is not relieved by scratching, this medicine may help. The most commonly affected areas are bends of the elbows and knees.
Causticum is indicated when scabies affects your infant’s webs of the fingers and folds of the skin with itching and soreness. The burning pain with lesions is the characteristic of Causticum.
Mezereum has a therapeutic significance in the cases of scabies where the lesions itch and burn forming thick scabs and exude pus discharge. The itching which is known to change the place on scratching indicates this medicine.
Graphites is a remedy indicated when the rashes of scabies in infants happen to crack and ooze a clear or sticky yellowish discharge when scratched. The patients requiring Graphites usually have unhealthy skin and every little injury suppurates. The lesions of the patients needing Graphite may ooze thin, sticky, and honey-like discharge.
6 Helpful Tips to Prevent the Recurrence of Scabies in infants:
Here are some important precautionary measures which may help in preventing the recurrence of the infection of scabies:
1.Wash your infant’s clothes separately in the warm water.
2.Keep the toys and teethers of your baby clean as the itch mite can thrive even outside the human body.
3.Scabies is extremely contagious, but it usually requires prolonged skin contact with a person who is already infected with it. Avoid sharing your baby’s towels, bedding, clothing, etc.
4.Don’t let your child scratch the skin hard as that can lead to secondary skin infections.
5.Avoid making your infant wear damp clothes as the mites can thrive and multiply if favorable conditions are provided.
6.Maintain your house and the surroundings that your child comes in contact with frequently clean and disinfected. Vacuum your carpet and furniture and throw away the used vacuum cleaner bag by using a disposable one. Maintaining the home and your kid’s surroundings clean can help.
Now that you know effective homeopathic remedies for scabies and precautions to prevent the recurrence of this infection, make sure you count on homeopathy without a second thought if your dear little one happens to suffer from scabies.

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