Are you suffering from a prolonged or heavy menstrual cycle? Is your quality of life getting affected due to it adversely? If yes, you might be suffering from menorrhagia. And, opting for homeopathic treatment for menorrhagia can help you obtain relief from it. Keep reading to learn all about menorrhagia and how homeopathy can help treat it effectively.


What is Menorrhagia?

Menorrhagia is the medical term used for the heavy or prolonged menstrual cycle. On average, a woman passes around 30-40 ml of blood during a menstrual period for 4 to 7 days. But, in some women, the menses may last longer along with heavy bleeding.  It is essentially a symptom and not a disease. Menorrhagia is one of the most frequently observed symptoms in the medical practice of gynecology. In India, menorrhagia constitutes about 15%-20% of all gynecological admissions in an institution. Abnormal menstruation has an impact on a woman’s quality of life and can disturb her daily activities, and it is largely responsible for iron-deficiency anemia which has negative effects on a woman’s health.

The common causes for Menorrhagia are Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Ovarian tumor, Uterine fibroid, Genital TB, Blood dyscrasia (ITP, Leukemia), PCOS, Uterine fibroid, Adenomyosis, Endometrial hyperplasia, Cervical polyp, Thyroid dysfunction, Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) in utero, and Cancer.


Role of Homeopathy in Treating Menorrhagia: 

Homeopathy can treat Menorrhagia effectively. Based on the cause and complete history of an individual patient, the homeopathic medicines are recommended. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat the present symptom that is heavy bleeding superficially, but also to address its root cause and to heal the patient from within. It helps to treat the disease as a whole and not just a symptom. So, it establishes the balance at a physiological or physical level and in the emotional, mental state.

A detailed history is considered and is fundamental to make the right choice of a homeopathic remedy. The homeopathic medicines are decided based on the totality of the symptoms, type of bleeding, the presence of pain, modalities, and accompanying symptoms. These are the key points that help in differentiating and recommending homeopathic medicines.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Menorrhagia

The most common remedies indicated for Menorrhagia are mentioned below

  1. Phosphorous:

Phosphorous has tubercular miasm and hemorrhagic diathesis, so it is well indicated in treating the cases of menorrhagia. Hemorrhagic constitutions and chlorotic (Pale complexion due to iron deficiency) girls who have grown too rapidly and are suddenly experiencing weakness, pallor may find it effective. It helps treat the cases where menses occur too early and are scanty, not profuse, but last for a long duration. Phosphorus is indicated in heavy bleeding due to uterine polyp & DUB (dysfunctional uterine bleeding) or menorrhagia with pelvic inflammatory diseases, such as chronic salphingo-oophoritis, endometritis or malignancy of genito-urinary tract. It may help mitigate the violent pain in ovaries extending towards thighs during menses. Phosphorus is recommended when the blood is dark red and non-coagulable and, during the menstrual period, ice-cold feet and hands with nausea and backache occur. It helps in treating menorrhagia which leads to a loss of circulating red blood cells leading to Anemia.

  1. Trillium Pendulum: 

Trillium Pendulum is general hemorrhagic medicine extensively used in all forms of bleeding, particularly from the womb with the gushing of bright blood on the least movement. When menorrhagia characterized by long-continued profuse bleeding from uterine fibroid with great faintness and dizziness, Trillium Pendulum may help. The homeopathic remedy is indicated in uterine hemorrhages with sensation as though the lower back is breaking into pieces and feels to tie it tight with a bandage which makes her feel better. It is suited to women with the red or dark and clotted flow, particularly with the prolapse of the uterus, and during climacteric age having severe cramp-like pains.

  1. Sabina: 

This homeopathic remedy has a special action on the uterus and highly effective in treated menorrhagia in women who aborted readily. It addresses the menorrhagia cases where there is the discharge of blood in between periods with sexual excitement. Shooting pain from sacrum to the pubis can be alleviated with Sabina. It is indicated in treating the hemorrhages where blood has fluid-like consistency and with clots and the bleeding is worse from least motion. For the symptoms, such as violent pulsations, the need for windows to be open, and feeling better in the cool fresh air, Sabina is indicated. Sabina is recommended in treating the cases with the tendency to miscarriage, particularly in the third month.

  1. Thlaspi bursa pastoris: 

It is an invaluable remedy for treating various types of hemorrhages. It is indicated for hemorrhages from the uterus with abdominal cramps and expulsion of clots. Thlaspi bursa pastoris helps in treating the hemorrhage from uterine fibroid accompanied by the aching in the back or soreness all over the body. Cases where the lady scarcely recovers from one period before another begins Thlaspi bursa pastoris may help. The cases in which alternate period is heavy lasting longer and with violent colic and sore pain in the womb on rising Thlaspi bursa pastoris is indicated.

  1. Millefolium: 

It is the best remedy to control the heavy bleeding which is bright red in color and painless. Millefolium addresses the periods that are protracted, early menses, and profuse heavy bleeding.

All the above homeopathic remedies are quite helpful in treating menorrhagia, provided they are taken under the proper guidance of an expert homeopath.

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