homeopathic treatment for cancerReceiving the Dreaded Diagnosis

Nobody wants to receive a cancer diagnosis. But if it happens, the best way to face it is with accurate information and the caring support of your family, friends, and trusted healthcare professionals.

Depending on the type and stage of your Cancer, you will be advised whether you need surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Does Homoeopathy help Cancer?

Any disease changes the biochemical environment of cells. Your individual susceptibility to disease determines in what manner and to what extent the disease affects your body.

Homoeopathy aims to change this susceptible terrain of disease – your body. When the terrain is improved, the immune response of the individual can be profoundly strengthened.

Homeopathy does not treat cancer. Homeopathy treats the person who has this physical illness called cancer! It stimulates your body’s own healing system to fight against the odds.

How can Homoeopathy help treat your Cancer?

The scope of homeopathy in cancer starts once you know everything about the disease you are suffering from. Depending on the type of cancer, stage and general health of the person, the scope of Homoeopathic treatment can be defined.

Manage Pain: It is known that one of the most distressing factors in cancer patients is pain, the agonizing pain! Conventional medicines can very well control the pain but it has certain side effects along with limitation in the dosage. We can use homeopathic pain management medicines along with the conventional treatment to manage the pain better.

Maintain General Health: It is also seen that the general condition and vital statistics of the cancer patient gets highly affected and disturbed. Homeopathy can act wonderfully by improving the general health of the cancer patient and maintaining it, so that it does not degrade further.

Fight the Blues: Cancer is one word which can get even the strongest of persons, lost in the blues of their life. Anxiety and fear ultimately pulls them into depression. Homeopathy can act on the disturbed emotional state of a person and motivate to fight back against his disease.

Keeping Cancer in Check: Cancer has quite a progressive pace and it often rapidly involves the healthy tissues of the body. Homeopathy can act to check the progress of the disease. One of the important aspects of homeopathy is to prevent disease from reoccurring.

Hand in hand with Modern Medicine: Here at Lifeforce Homoeopathy, we believe that Homeopathic medication is not an alternative to the conventional mode of treatment. But it can be complimented with modern medicine, so as to get better and faster results. Homeopathy can help excellently with any side-effects after radiotherapy or chemotherapy has been completed.

A Positive Mental Outlook

In overcoming any serious or terminal illness, we cannot stress strongly enough the importance of a positive mental outlook. We create our own reality by every thought and every choice that we make at each moment of our lives.

Prolonged periods of emotional stress can culminate in serious diseases. Homeopathy has the ability to profoundly and positively affect one’s emotions, which in many cases is the underlying cause of creating and maintaining illness.

So let’s take a path to a gentle way of treating cancer. Cancer is just a word. It’s a lot in the mind. Fight your thoughts and the battle is half won!

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with Cancer or are already well into your battle with Cancer, Homoeopathy can help. Get in touch with us today and ask us how Dr Rajesh Shah’s homeopathic treatment for cancer at Lifeforce Homoeopathy can aid your fight against Cancer.


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