The word “formication” comes from the Latin word “formica,” which means “ant.” The feeling of bugs crawling on the skin or biting on or under the skin is known as formication. It doesn’t always follow that the experience is being brought on by actual insects. It is a particular type of tactile hallucination, in which a person experiences a false sense of touch without any genuine physical reason or external input. The frequency and intensity of this sensation can be reduced gradually with the help of homeopathic formication treatments.


Sometimes, the person develops a persistent illusion of parasitosis. When there is no such infestation, he/she has a strong and persistent belief that he is plagued by parasites, insects, or other pests. He/she can even claim to have observed bugs or worms crawling on or beneath the skin. This hallucination most frequently affects middle-aged or older women who have drug-induced formication.


Formication is a sort of paraesthesia that is defined as an anomalous skin sensation without a visible physical cause. Other sensations such as tingling, prickling, burning, numbness, coldness, or a pin-prick feeling are also included in the term “paraesthesia.” Although any region of the body can experience these symptoms, hands, feet, arms, and legs are the most frequently affected parts. Pressure on a nerve, inadequate blood flow, and nerve injury are some causes of paraesthesia.


Symptoms Of Formication

The affected person could experience skin irritation or skin crawling anxiety. This could result in picking and clawing at the skin’s surface where the crawling affects. Scratching can occasionally be so intense that it results in bleeding and skin excoriations. Picking or scratching the skin can also lead to skin wounds and damage. It may become infected, thereby resulting in skin ulcers and open wounds. Formication may occur alongside other symptoms depending on the cause. These include feelings of drowsiness, body aches, stiffness, trembling hands, trouble focusing, depression, or agitation.


6 Homeopathic Solutions for Reducing Formication

Homeopathy can be highly effective in treating the symptoms of formication. Homeopathic treatments for it are made from ingredients that are found in nature. They, therefore, have no negative effects and are quite safe yet effective. Homeopathy does not have a specific medication for treating skin crawling, and the optimum homeopathic remedy for any case of formication is chosen based on the unique symptoms of the patient. It is advisable to consult a homeopathic doctor, as he carries out a thorough study of your case to prescribe medication for formication.


Here is a list of some of the homeopathic medicines that are used for treating formication:

  1. Agaricus

The sensation of ants crawling up the spine is the main indication of this medication. There might also be a burning sensation in the back. It is also a well-known treatment for heaviness or weakness and formication in the foot. It can also help people who have limbs that feel like bugs are crawling.


  1. Cistus

The plant Cistus Canadensis, also known as Helianthemum canadense, is used to make this herbal remedy. Common names for it include Rock rose, Ice plant, and Frostweed. It is a member of the Cistacae family. When the entire body feels like ants are crawling all over it, this medication works to offer relief. This sensation is, particularly, experienced in the evening or at night. Itching could be present along with this feeling. When anxiety is accompanied by an ant-crawling sensation, Cistus can be effective in offering relief.


  1. Picric Acid

It is yet another remedy that works well in these discomforting situations. People who have a crawling sensation on their heads will benefit the most from it. They experience an ant-like sensation on the surface of the skull. It is also advantageous for people whose legs creep. Numbness could accompany it. The next symptom that may coexist with this is a stabbing or prickling feeling. Another symptom that may be present with this is trembling. Finally, it can help those who experience worms crawling into their ears.


  1. Zincum Met

This medication is useful to people who have general formication that responds well to rubbing. They get an ant-like sensation all over them. In addition, it helps in treating the discomforting sensation of crawling in both calf muscles that extend to the toes. A guiding sign to use this medicine is formication in the feet accompanied by coolness, particularly at night. Last but not least, it is employed when a feeling of pests crawling up from the feet to the knees or even the thighs disturbs sleep.


  1. Causticum

This medication is appropriate for people who experience a crawling feeling in their foot soles. The soles have the impression of having something alive there indicating this medicine. The sensation of crawling in the great toe’s ball is the next defining sign of its use. The big toe also experiences a burning sensation. It may occasionally be treated with pressure or sewing pain.


  1. Sulfur

Sulfur is an effective treatment for the crawling sensation in the hands and feet. People who require it could also have fingertip crawling. Fingertips may also experience prickling. When the arms are hanging down, the crawling sensation usually turns worse. When feet are heated at first, a burning feeling is felt. The itching and crawling follow. Crawling can occasionally be felt primarily in the right heel. It is experienced in bed in the evening.


Skin crawling sensation is the feeling of formication. This kind of tactile delusion occurs. Formication can result due to the use of illicit drugs, alcohol or drug withdrawal, physical or mental health issues, menopause, or as a side effect of medications. It can result in poor quality of life, skin sores, irritation, and difficulties falling asleep. The root cause of formication must be dealt with to treat it.


If you are suffering from formication, it is advised that you take immediate treatment. You can take homeopathy treatment for formication as homeopathic medicines are safe, effective, and do not cause any side effects. It is also advised to take treatment and medication from a professional homeopath as he/she will be able to diagnose your condition properly and provide the most suitable treatment accordingly.




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