Homeopathic Medicines for Kidney stones

Homeopathic Medicines for Kidney stonesKidney stones are small deposits of minerals that form inside your kidneys. Passage of a kidney stone is one of the most painful conditions. Depending on the location, size of your kidney stone and other symptoms, a very small stone may need nothing more than drinking plenty of water to flush it out. Medications can be given for the pain. In severe cases, surgery may be advised.

Homoeopathy has very good scope in kidney stones which do not need surgical intervention. Not only does it help to relieve the pain in a sudden episode, homoeopathic medicines for kidney stones help to prevent the recurrence too. While a homoeopathic doctor is best suited to study your case and select a specific homoepathic medicine for your kidney stone, you may find that the below commonly used medicines can give you relief from your kidney stones. Here are a few common homeopathic medicines for kidney stones.

Berberis Vulgaris:

This remedy is indicated when the stone is in the left kidney or left ureter (the tube which carries urine from the kidney to our bladder). The patient is very sensitive to the slightest jarring motion and avoids making any movement. The pains radiate down into the bladder and even extending into the legs. The urine has thick mucus and red sediments.


This remedy is indicated when there is scalding pain as the urine is passed. There is a constant desire to urinate, sometimes even minutes after having emptied one’s bladder. The urine is passed drop by drop.  Sometimes, there may be cutting pain in the entire kidney region. The urine is jelly like, shreddy and bloody.


Lycopodium is an excellent homoeopathic remedy for kidney stones especially when the stone is on the right side. The pain is experienced more in the back region and is worse before passing urine and stops after the flow of urine. The urine is very slow and the patient has to strain to pass the urine. Patients suffering from kidney stones which are seen as red sand in the urine are greatly benefitted by this homoeopathic remedy.


This remedy relieves kidney stone pains when there is severe pain at the end of urination. The pain goes from the right kidney in a downward direction. The urine is passed in a weak narrow stream. This remedy is also indicated when stones are formed in the urinary bladder. White sand is deposited, which may be passed without sensation.

Benzoic Acid:

Benzoic Acid is a good remedy for kidney stones which are accompanied by urine that has an intense odour and heightened colour. This remedy is indicated for people who have a tendency to form uric acid stones.

It should be noted that there are many other homoeopathic remedies too which are known to be excellent for kidney stones. While homoeopathic medicines do not cause side effects, it is not advisable to self medicate without consulting your homoeopathic doctor.

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