homeopathSometimes, in some disease conditions, in spite of trying very hard, the doctor or a homeopath is not able to give good results to the patient. In such conditions what should a patient do? Shall he switch over to another doctor? Or shall he stop taking medicines from any doctor thinking that his disease condition will never improve? We will discuss this in our blog today.

It is very important for a patient to understand that all the diseases are not curable by all the systems of medicines and by all the practitioners. So, any doctor can fail to give the desired results regardless of his treating ability and knowledge.

A homeopath may not be able to give the desired results because of these two possibilities.

  1. Complexity of the disease
  2. Inadequate knowledge and experience on the part of the treating homeopath.

1.  As far as the complexity of the disease is concerned, both homeopath and the patient should have frank discussions about the nature of the disease, its complications and chances of curability of the disease. If the patient is also consulting a conventional doctor, then he should make his homeopathic doctor aware about this and he should be kept in a loop regarding any new development as far as his disease is concerned. Sometimes, it may happen that the disease is not curable by homeopathy. Ex. Some surgical diseases like Hydrocele, Hernia, and Cataract etc. Such diseases require surgical interventions. Homeopathy cannot treat them.

Thus, frank discussions and transparency can benefit both, patient as well as the homeopath.

2. Disease is not curable by your homeopath: Sometimes, there is lack of expertise on the part of the homeopath. In such situations there should be free discussions between the patient and the homeopath. The homeopath should not hesitate to ask the patients to check other options like consulting a senior homeopath. A senior homeopath can analyze the case deeply and can guide the junior homeopath about what was wrong and how should he handle the case further. This can only happen when there is free discussion about the disease and its management between the patient and his homeopath.

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