Hemorrhoids during pregnancySwelling and inflammation of veins around anus and rectum is called as hemorrhoids. They are also called as piles.Hemorrhoids are of two types.

  • Bleeding hemorrhoids or piles
  • Non-bleeding or blind hemorrhoids or piles

There are many factors which contribute to the formation of hemorrhoids. Pregnancy is one of the major causative factors for the development of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids appear during pregnancy especially in the third trimester i.e. after 28 weeks of pregnancy.


What causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

According to a research, around 30% to 35% of women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Following factors contribute in formation of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

  • Pressure from increasing uterus size especially after 25 weeks.
  • Increased blood flow to the pelvic region during pregnancy.
  • Constipation during pregnancy.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • Pushing act during the labor can result in development of hemorrhoids.

How to manage the hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Following measures should be taken to ease the pain, itching and discomfort caused by development of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Sitz Bath or warm water bath: Patient is advised to sit in a tub full of warm water for about 15 minutes to 30 minutes for at least three times a day.

Diet: Patients should increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grain in their diet. This helps in combating the constipation by supplying more fibers to the body. They should avoid processed food and excessive sweets during pregnancy.

Increase water intake: Water flushes out the system and prevents constipation. Water softens the stools. This is beneficial to the patient as she is not required to strain while passing stool. This helps in preventing the formation of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Avoid prolonged sitting: Sitting for a long period of time can put extra pressure on the veins of rectum and anus. This leads to formation of hemorrhoids. To avoid this patient must try to walk or lie down frequently.

Regular exercise: Under an expert guidance and doctor’s supervision pregnant ladies must do regular exercise. This helps in preventing constipation and maintaining overall strength and flexibility of muscles of the body.

Use of ice: Ice packs can be applied on the anal region to ease of the inflammation.

Use of wet wipes: Cleaning the anal area with moistened wipes can have a soothing effect on the delicate skin and help in easing off the pain of hemorrhoids.

Is homeopathy helpful in treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Homeopathic medicines are really very useful for the pregnant ladies who suffer from hemorrhoids. Homeopathic medicines are generally safe for both mother and the unborn baby or the fetus. Medicines like Kali bichromicum, Calcarea carbonicum, Pulsatilla nigricans etc. can give very good results. But, patients should not take these medicines without consulting a qualified homeopath.

Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, Life force has treated a wide number of patients having hemorrhoids during pregnancy. He firmly believes that homeopathic medicines given under an expert’s supervision and following the above given tips can help the pregnant patient to sail through the last trimester of pregnancy easily.


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