Fissure TreatmentThe answer is YES. It is possible to avoid surgery using homeopathy, in most cases. Let us first understand what fissures are – When and How it starts and What are the various Fissure Treatment options.

What is a Fissure?

The opening from where we pass our feces out after it is digested, is called as the anus. A break in the inner lining of the anus is called as a fissure. Fissures are of 2 types:

  1. Acute fissures: lasting less than 6 weeks duration.
  2. Chronic Fissures: lasting more than 6 weeks duration.

Why is a Fissure formed?

  1. Constipation: Dry, hard, unsatisfactory stools, requiring lot of straining to pass is one of the most common causes to develop fissures.  All these factors cause friction inside our anus causing injury and break in the walls of anus leading to fissures.
  2. Diet: A diet lacking in fiber also gives rise to fissures. Fiber gives bulk to your stool. Bulky stools are easily passed out of our body
  3. Trauma: Repeated Diarrheas, Multiple pregnancies, wrongly performed Operations for piles or Long term use of Purgatives can cause injuries to the inner lining of the anal region.
  4. Underlying Diseases: Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, sexually transmitted disease, cancer etc. can also make you prone to developing a fissure.

What are the Symptoms of Fissures?

  1. Pain while passing motion. This pain may be burning, shooting, excruciating, cutting or agonizing. Children usually cry with pain.
  2. The muscles of the anal region may suddenly get contracted.
  3. Due to injury to inner lining of anus, blood vessels supplying anus also get injured leading to blood streaked stools.
  4. Itching, moist discharge or swelling (sentinel pile) is found in long standing fissures.

What is the treatment for Fissures?

Acute fissures are treated by Modern medicine with painkiller application in the form of gels or creams, laxatives or stool softeners along with increase in fluid intake. If a fissure is not responding with one month of aggressive treatment then surgery is advised. Surgery for Fissure treatment includes a procedure where the surgeon makes a tiny cut in the ring of muscles which close the anus. In some, the fissure with normal anus wall is removed but this operation is not advisable.

Other regimen to be advised in fissure treatment:

  1. Drink plenty of water: minimum 8 – 10 glasses. Reducing the intake of alcohol and coffee also helps.
  2. Avoid straining at stool.
  3. Never suppress your urge to pass stool.
  4. Develop regular bowel habits.
  5. Take Seitz bath or warm water bath to relieve yourself from pain.

Fissures treatment with Homeopathy:

It is possible to avoid surgery in most cases, if timely homeopathic treatment is used. When choosing homeopathic medicines, causative factors for fissures are evaluated and a remedy covering that cause is given to patient. A homoeopathic medicine for fissure is chosen in such a way that it not only heals fissures but also prevents its recurrence.

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