Is your child suffering from an allergy that makes him/her sneeze a lot, experience itching, and cause a lot of discomfort? Has the discomforting symptoms of allergy affected the quality of your child’s life? If Allergies have adversely affected your child’s life too, read this blog to learn more about the irritating allergies and how Homeopathy can help to manage your child’s allergy and can help your little one lead a healthy and quality of life like other kids.

6 out of 100 children have clinically documented to have an allergy. What are these allergies that take away all the fun of your child?  Well, allergies are abnormal immune system reactions to the things that are generally not harmful to the child, such as milk, animal dander, pollen, peanuts, etc. These substances that cause an allergic reaction in our body are known as allergens that vary from person to person, as different people can be allergic to different things.

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A body reacts to an allergen in a particular way when it is exposed to it, and the allergen could be something in the air, some food, or it could be due to some contact. Just a sensitive reaction by the individual is what allergy is. The hypersensitivity in children makes him/her react to a particular allergen or trigger and that trigger is the cause for causing more reactions, and that’s how the allergic disorders develop.

When an allergic child consumes an allergen either by eating or inhaling, the immune system of a child mistakenly believes that this substance is harmful to his body and attacks in the same way as it would have attacked towards infectious bacteria. This triggers the cell to produce chemicals, such as histamine into the bloodstream to defend him against the allergens. It is the release of these chemicals that cause allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, congestion, and itchy skin. When the allergens enter our body, our immune system that has white blood cells reacts and releases antibodies to destroy those unwanted guests, thus keeping us safe and healthy.

If you notice a similar pattern of illness now and then, it is easy to conclude that these are the symptoms of allergies. Seasonal allergy is when a child notices recurring cold or Asthma symptoms at the same time each year. This is a peculiar sign of a seasonal allergy.

But, the most important question is why do some children get allergies and some don’t? Well, there are multiple factors responsible for it. The primary reason is that if a child is exposed to the allergen as a baby then he is less likely to develop allergies. That’s because, during childhood, the exposure to allergens allows the immune system of a child to identify harmful substances and makes the immune system strong. But, if the child is grown up in an extremely hygienic environment, the child’s immune system will fail to develop correctly and can attack non-harmful substances, such as pollen, thereby leading to allergies. Another factor could be genetic, which can be passed from the parents to a child.

There are several causes for allergy, the majority of them are due to the environment. In the air that could be smoke, pollen, dust, and anything; even a weather change or a virus in the air can cause reactions. These reactions are nothing but allergic reactions due to the triggers. There are other reasons, such as food and drink and contact with liquids or metals, but those are different types of triggers.

Some kids are allergic to water that result in aquagenic Urticaria, which is also known as water allergy. It is a rare condition that causes itchy and painful rashes whenever the sufferer comes in contact with water. Not only that you won’t believe it, but also there are some allergies which are far from usual. Like some individuals suffer from allergic reactions just from handling money, and some children experience an allergic reaction whenever they play and perspire, as the sweating triggers the reaction.

Symptoms for Allergies in Children:

There are a variety of symptoms of allergies. Some of them are listed below.

  • Eye symptoms: Red eyes, watery eyes, itchy eyes, and lachrymation
  • Nose symptoms: These include a runny nose, sneezing, itching or irritation in the nose, and rubbing of the nose.
  • Other symptoms in the respiratory system: For instance, cough, throat feeling itching, frequent colds, congestion, and difficulty in breathing. Wheezing is also a symptom of allergy.
  • Skin: The allergic symptoms of skin, particularly redness, itching and rashes (Eczema or atopic dermatitis or hives), and swelling of lips and eyelids
  • GIT: Stomach upset, colic, vomiting, diarrhea, itchiness at the roof of the mouth, difficulty in swallowing, and swelling in the mouth or throat.

The severity of symptoms differs from person to person. Allergies can be dangerous, and severe allergies can pose the risk of sudden life-threatening reactions called anaphylaxis that causes severe swelling, low blood pressure, shortness of breath, extreme itchiness, etc. So, if you see any of these symptoms, make sure that you visit the doctor as soon as possible.

The diagnosis of allergy in children is mainly based on history, the examination, and also, sometimes, the tests. For instance, there are allergy tests that can be done.

The allergy test is sometimes blood tests and, occasionally, the skin test.

Conventionally, it is treated by using antihistamines and steroids, which may be oral or local.

Homeopathic Treatment for Allergies in Children:

Allergies can be effectively treated with homeopathy.

Based on the rich experience of Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD, who has, under his care, patients from over 180 countries at Life Force, I will share with you some insights on the treatment of Allergies.

Homeopathic medicines address the root cause of the allergy issues and don’t treat it symptomatically like some steroids or with antihistamines. Homeopathy helps to improve this hypersensitive response to the allergens by treating the root cause, thereby helping to reduce the frequency, intensity, and severity of the complaint.

Dr. Shah’s research-proven homeopathic treatment offers excellent treatment for Allergies. The constitutional treatment is based on a complete history of the patient in terms of physical complaints, emotional aspects, family history, history of major illness in the past, and other factors.

The allergies may impact the child’s mental and emotional health. Parents of the children and practitioners often fail to understand the link between allergies and a child’s emotional well-being and behavior. Homeopathic medicines also address the emotional aspect of the child.

Most patients start experiencing positive results within 6-8 weeks, though the total duration of the treatment varies from case to case, depending on the duration and extent/intensity of the disease.

Homeopathy is 100% safe, free from any side-effects, and harmless. These are sweet sugar pills that children enjoy to take.

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