hair fallGood hair is a reflection of your good health. Cosmetically, good hair is the most important factor as far as style and personality development is concerned; and it has a great impact on your confidence level too.

Normally, in a day 50 to 100 hair strands tend to fall and that’s quite normal. So, you need not worry about it. Hair life cycle i.e. hair fall and new hair growing cycle goes on a life long. There are three phases of hair life cycle, namely:

  1. Anagen
  2. Catagen
  3. Telogen

Once the hair falls, from the same follicle, new hair will grow. The life cycle of hair varies from person to person. Duration of each phase of hair life cycle depends on various factors, such as food habit, any disease condition, hereditary, cosmetic hair treatment, certain medication, and hormonal imbalance.

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There are various ways to control your hair fall as below.

5 Most Natural Ways To Control Your Hair Fall:

  1. Healthy Food Habits:

Eat nutritious food to control your hair fall. You need to consume foods which contain protein, antioxidants, calcium, iron, and minerals. You can eat Kabuli channa, soybean, paneer, milk, dates, walnut, almonds, flax seeds, green tea; and drink plenty of water and coconut water, which is known to be a good source of minerals. Any individual can follow this diet, provided you do not have any disease condition which contraindicates any of these diet tips. For instance, if you have thyroid then you need to avoid eating soybean.

  1. Maintain Healthy Lifestyle:

Stress is a triggering and one of the most prominent causes of hair fall. Stress directly affects the hormonal structure of your body and imbalances your hormonal system by affecting your hair cycle and hair growth. Make it a habit to practice yoga and meditation to maintain your peace of mind. This will minimize your stress as well as hair fall.

  1. Avoid Cosmetic Treatment Of Hair:

In this modern era, every individual wants to look young and stylish. However, some style craziness and practices adversely affect the normal functioning of your body and body system. Avoid hair straining and coloring, as these can cause permanent damage to your hair. Chemical content tends to alter the health, growth, and structure of the hair adversely.

  1. Go For Regular Health Check-Up:

A number of disease conditions cause baldness and hair fall. In fact, some time hair related complaints begin once you are affected by some diseases and conditions, such as malaria, typhoid, thyroid, PCOD, miscarriage, pregnancy, and health issues. To rule out the same, you need to have regular health check-up and need to follow a healthy diet.

  1. Avoid Bad Habits:

Smoking and red wine trigger baldness and hair fall. You should avoid these harmful habits.

Similarly, excessive exposure to sun also affects your hair adversely. To have healthy hair, you need to follow a healthy diet, keep away from cosmetic treatment for hair, quit smoking, and avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

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Keep oiling your hair regularly. Use mild shampoo or sulphate-free shampoo. Avoid hair combing when your hair wet. Avoid warm water head bath and do not apply warm oil which is a known precaution from ages.

Homeopathy can help prevent your hair fall and baldness if you consult your doctor on time. One can prevent hair fall problem by taking treatment for hair fall and correcting other disease or condition that causes hair fall and the same will correct your hair fall problem automatically. To know more you may write on or you can reach out to us +91-22-66-888888

– Written by Dr. Pooja, Dr. Rajesh Shah Team

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