Does your kid have a habit of bed-wetting? Is your kid & are worried about it and trying to find a remedy for it? If yes, your child might be suffering from Enuresis. Enuresis is the involuntary passage of urine. Homeopathy is quite effective in treating Enuresis. And, if you are wondering what types of enuresis are, how parents can help kids suffering from, and how homeopathy is beneficial, wonder no more. Get answers to all your questions by reading this post below.

What Is Enuresis?

Involuntary passage of the urine is called enuresis. Usually, children pass urine with no control while asleep which is known as Nocturnal Enuresis, or more commonly referred to as bed-wetting.

Involuntary passage of the urine can also occur during the day time in some children, and it is called as Diurnal Enuresis.

Mixed enuresis is a combination of nocturnal and diurnal type, wherein the urine is passed involuntarily during both waking and sleeping hours.


Types Of Enuresis:

Nocturnal Enuresis is classified into two types.

  1. Primary Enuresis: Bed-wetting since childhood i.e. the child almost always wet the bed and does not attain bladder control. Primary enuresis occurs mainly because of the delay in the maturation of the nervous system.
  1. Secondary Enuresis: Bed-wetting in children, who have been trained to be continually dry for about a minimum of 6 months but revert to wetting the bed again.

It is usually because of some stressful events (such as disputes between parents, school stress) or underlying medical conditions, such as Urinary tract infection, pressure on the bladder due to rectal stool mass, structural abnormalities, diseases or injuries related to Nervous System, and some other conditions.

At the age of five years, normally, children develop good control over their urinary bladder. Approximately 16%-17% of children wet the bed once a month, and males are twice likely to do this as compared to the females.

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5 Helpful Tips For Parents To Help Kids To Deal With Enuresis:

Here are some tips that the parents can follow to help their kids deal with enuresis.

  • Manage Fluid Intake: Decrease your kid’s fluid intake 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Bladder Training: Schedule bathroom breaks at set times of the day. Train your child to visit the bathroom every 2-3 hours to pass the urine, and let him/her empty the bladder completely just before going to bed.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Positive reinforcement techniques, such as maintaining a chart to keep the track of the progress of your child and rewarding him or her for each dry night, may help
  • Avoid Bladder Irritants: Cutting off on cocoa (chocolate milk) artificially flavored or sweetening food items, such as citrus juices, after evening may help.
  • Do Not Resort To Punishment: Blaming or shaming the child is not the key to prevent bed-wetting, rather you help the child in developing a natural habit of being involved in cleaning the next morning.


It often becomes a source of embarrassment for both the child and the parents. Homeopathy can safely and effectively help children suffering from enuresis.

Homeopathy for Enuresis:

Homeopathy is quite helpful in treating enuresis. It treats the condition effectively without any side-effects. Some of the commonly prescribed homeopathic remedies for bed-wetting in children are listed below.

  1. Causticum: Causticum is an important remedy for homeopathic treatment for nocturnal enuresis, particularly when the child passes the urine in the initial phase of the sleep. The child who needs this remedy often passes the urine involuntarily when he coughs or sneezes. The complaints of the child’s enuresis turn worse in the dry, clear, and cold weather and the kid feels better in the warm weather.
  1. Arsenicum Album: Arsenicum Album is indicated in bed-wetting in nervous, anxious, and restless children. The kid who wets the bed from 1 am to 2 am may find Arsenicum Album quite helpful. The kid requiring this remedy is usually quite fastidious where he/she would want all the things at proper place and would not tolerate uncleanliness, and the enuresis may worsen in the cold weather.
  1. Kreosotum: When the child usually passes the urine in the first part of the sleep or when the kid experiences a sudden urge to urinate but can’t get out of the bed quickly nor can retain the urine and ends up wetting the bed, Kreosotum may help and can be quite effective in treating enuresis. When the child is often dreaming of urinating, Kreosotum may help. When the itching of genitals is present often and it gets worse when urinating, Kreosotum is indicated.
  1. Pulsatilla: It is indicated in young girls who pass the urine involuntarily while coughing, sneezing, or passing flatus. When the child also complains of the burning in urethra during and after urination, Pulsatilla helps in treating his/her enuresis.
  1. Lycopodium: It is useful in treating enuresis cases where the child passes large quantities of urine involuntarily and can have red sand like deposits in the urine. Children requiring this remedy often crave to eat sweets and have hot drinks.
  1. Sepia: Sepia is indicated when the child feels that she must keep her mind on the bladder or she will lose her urine, and when the bed becomes wet soon after the kid goes to sleep. The child requiring Sepia often is not bothered about the things, prefer to remain indifferent, and enjoys being alone.

Above mentioned remedies are commonly prescribed in children for bed-wetting. The correct remedy is determined after a detailed case study of an individual, which is why parents are advised to consult an experienced Homeopath for an effective treatment for their child.

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