ThyroidMommy-to-be?? Check your thyroid today!

Motherhood is by far the most beautiful experience a human can have in her entire lifetime.. A woman’s body is an amazing creature, striving to give birth to a new life and keeping it healthy as it grows. From the right food to the best exercise, posture, clothes, care, attention, the do’s and the don’ts… The list is endless! With pregnancy, comes a check-list pertaining to your health which needs to be analyzed on a regular basis. Thyroid test is one of them.

Thyroid disorders are prevalent in women of child bearing age. Untreated thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy can produce adverse effects on the baby as well as the mother.

It is important to screen the expecting mother for under active thyroid in early stage of pregnancy as thyroxine plays an important role in development of fetus. Fetal thyroxine becomes functional only in the second trimester of pregnancy; hence the mother should have adequate production of thyroxine right from the beginning.

Effects of Thyroid hormone deficiency during Pregnancy :

  1. Anaemia
  2. Lack of neuro development of the fetus in the first trimester
  3. Increased risk of complications in pregnancy – eg preclampsia (high blood pressure), still birth, miscarriage, etc
  4. Complications during delivery – placental abruption, post partum haemorrhage, premature delivery
  5. Complications post delivery – Low birth weight, deficit in intellectual development and learning disabilities in infants
  6. Under active thyroid being auto immune in nature, can be transferred to the subsequent generation

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 Check out for these signs and symptoms Of Under Active Thyroid during Pregnancy:

  1. Severe fatigue, out of proportion to the physical exertion
  2. Unexplained weight gain / Bloating
  3. Depression or mood swings
  4. Swelling over face and fingers on waking up in morning
  5. Generalised, non specific bodyache, joint pain, muscle stiffness
  6. Breast milk formation in pregnancy
  7. Hair fall
  8. Poor memory
  9. Chronic constipation
  10. Excessive dryness of skin
  11. Excessive sensitivity to cold
  12. Loss of libido
  13. Lack of energy, no desire to work
  14. Persistently low blood pressure and heart rate

So, every lady who wants to conceive or has recently conceived, please check for your thyroid levels as soon as you get to know that you are pregnant. Tell your gynaecologist about any of the above symptoms that you may have experienced. Women are more likely to suffer from Under active thyroid, more so during pregnancy because the requirement of thyroxine is increased. Under active thyroid is easy to diagnose and to treat. Giving birth to a new life can be scary, stressful, and full of anxieties and fears. But let go of all stresses and just enjoy the loveliest gift you have received from God.

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