can-you-take-vitamin-supplementsA practicing homeopath gets to see a variety of diseases depending on his expertise. Most of the time the doctor notices associated symptoms like Vitamin deficiency or malnutrition or calcium deficiency etc along with the chief complaints of the patients.

The chief complaints of the patients could be entirely different for which the patient wants to consult the doctor. He may not be even aware of the fact that his body is deficient in one or more Vitamins. It is the duty of the treating doctor to, first of all, diagnose such deficiencies in the patients and treat them accordingly in the interest of the patient.

A question may arise in the minds of the readers of this blog are Vitamins homeopathic? The answer is No. Actually, the vitamins are neither homeopathic nor allopathic. Vitamins are the organic compounds required by the body to function smoothly and effectively. They are present in very minute amounts in different kinds of foodstuffs like fruits, vegetables, and some non-vegetarian food items. A lack of a balanced diet and irregular lifestyles can create a deficiency of a few vitamins in the body.

While treating the disease for which the patient has come to consult a homeopath, it is essential for a homeopath to appreciate Vitamin deficiencies and write a prescription for the Vitamin supplements. For Example, if a middle-aged female patient is complaining of having low back pain all the time, immediately the doctor should suspect the Vitamin D and calcium deficiency.

Similarly, if the patient is suffering from burning palms and soles the doctor can suspect Vitamin B12 deficiency in that patient. If the patient is suffering from bleeding gums the doctor can advise Vitamin C supplements for that patient.

Thus, while undergoing homeopathic treatment, patients can take Vitamin supplements on the doctor’s advice, if they are found to be suffering from Vitamin deficiency. Homeopathy is not against the use of vitamins.


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