psoriatic_arthritisWhat is Psoriatic arthritis?

Psoriatic arthritis is a type of auto immune inflammatory arthritis that occurs in thirty percent of patients suffering from long standing Psoriasis. This means that your immune system attacks your own body in a case of mistaken identity and leads to inflammation in your joints.

Psoriatic arthritis is also known as Arthritis psoriatica, psoriatic arthropathy and arthropathic psoriasis.

How does psoriatic arthritis present itself?

  • Pain, swelling and stiffness of one or multiple joints of the body which can range from mild to moderate intensity.
  • Involvement of the end joints of the finger (distal interphalyngeal joints) is a characteristic feature
  • Commonly associated with sero-negative arthritis (A type of inflammation of joints in which RA factor test is negative despite symptoms)
  • Joints involved are warm to touch as a result of the inflammation
  • Pain in and around the ankle and sacrum
  • Yellow nails with pitting, scaling and separation of the nail from nail bed
  • It may be associated with HLA B27 joint affection (spondyloarthropathy)
  • Psoriatic scaly patches predominantly on the extensor surfaces (surfaces on the opposite side of a joint)

Now the big question is – can homeopathy help in treating psoriatic arthritis?
Yes, psoriatic arthritis can be well treated with homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic medicines have a specific affinity for acting on different organs and tissues in the body. A correctly selected homeopathic medicine for psoriatic arthritis after a thorough case taking and examination does give good results.

Homeopathic medicines help resolving psoriatic arthritis in various ways. The recovery depends upon how chronic is the disease? How extensive is the disease? How deep seated is the pathology? Is there any family history of the same? Are there any associated complaints like psoriasis or systemic illness? These are the keys points which determines one’s curability rate with psoriatic arthritis.

Homeopathy acts wonderfully in individuals who are not under conventional medication. In patients who are already seeking conventional treatment, the suppressive action of the steroid and other immuno-suppressant creams further gives rise to a complex disease. This further increases the time span of homeopathic treatment. Hence, homeopathy is the ideal first line of treatment for psoriatic arthritis.
Homeopathy helps in giving quick relief in patients where the condition is recently diagnosed and one has opted for homeopathy at the earliest.

It should be monitored keenly weather the patient has or had an episode of psoriasis in the past. This history is relevant as it gives a fair idea about the extent of the pathology and hence the scope of homeopathy treatment for psoriatic arthritis.

How do homeopathic medicines for Psoriatic arthritis help in the treatment?

The homeopathic medicines for psoriatic arthritis like Kali carbonicum, Rhus toxicodendron, Ledum palustre, Medorrhinum, Thuja occidentalis, Radium bromatum etc help in relieving pain, inflammation and stiffness.

The medicines also help in controlling and arresting the disease process thereby avoiding the progress of the pathology. This in turn helps the patient improve the quality of his life and be able to perform the activities of daily living.

They help in improving the joint mobility. The medicines are capable enough to halt the deformities which are usually found in long standing cases of psoriatic arthritis. One may have to use pain killers to get rid of severe pain, but homeopathy helps in reducing the dependency on these strong pain killers.

The above mentioned homeopathic medicines for psoriatic arthritis have a strong affinity towards muscles, tendons and bones, but a proper differentiation between them is equally essential in order to select the similimum.

It must be obvious by now that homeopathy has a lot to offer in patients suffering from psoriatic arthritis. However, merely taking medicines would not give fast results. Supportive therapies like yoga and physiotherapy do help in hastening recovery. So opt for homeopathy treatment for psoriatic arthritis at the earliest for a safe, effective and a long standing recovery.

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– Dr Kanchan Gohil, Associate Doctor to Dr Rajesh Shah, Team LifeForce

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