vitiligo cureVitiligo is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks and destroys the melanin-producing melanocytes in the skin. Melanin is a skin pigment which gives color to skin. In vitiligo either there is loss of or defective production of melanin. Destruction of melanocytes causes loss of skin color leading to white patches on the skin. In most cases even the overlying hair on the patches turn gray. The extent and rate of color loss in vitiligo is unpredictable. It can affect the skin on any part of the body. It may affect the inside of the mouth, genitals and even the eyes.

The condition is not life-threatening or contagious. People suffering from vitiligo may feel that white patches can affect their look and attitude of other people towards them. The major concern about Vitiligo is due to its cosmetic and hence social aspects.

The conventional mode of treatment believes that the treatment for vitiligo may improve the appearance of the affected skin but does not cure the disease. Nevertheless, homeopathy offers an excellent treatment in most of the cases of vitiligo; if not all. As the disease is chronic and long-standing in nature, it takes time to obtain results. Exact time cannot be predicted.

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With the homeopathic mode of treatment early and milder cases of vitiligo can be treated with excellent success, moderate and spreading cases can expect partial color formation with good control, while rapidly spreading cases may be controlled significantly. It may be noted that good control over the spread is also considered a success in extensive cases.

The homeopathic treatment for vitiligo is addressed to enhance the melanocyte formation by stimulating the natural process called melanogenesis. It also controls the spread of Vitiligo by attempting to correct the immune system.

There are many remedies in homeopathy indicated in vitiligo treatment but exact medicines are selected on the basis of an individual case history and symptoms. Few of the best remedies indicated in the treatment of Vitiligo are:


Silicea is the homeopathic remedy prepared from the inert compound called silica (sand). After undergoing the process of potentization it gets transformed into a wonderful, deep acting remedy.

It is a popular remedy for those vitiligo patients who are sensitive to cold wind (breeze, air-conditioners, winter); who tend to sweat on palms and soles; have typically offensive foot-sweat; have lean-thin physical body structure, and may additionally have a tendency to have easy pus formation after injury.

It is useful in treating nutritional deficiencies, it regulates the immune system and treats skin and bone diseases. Silicea helps in the correction of nutritional and immunological imbalance and hence useful in the treatment of vitiligo. It helps in absorption and retention essential nutrients in the body. Silicea can prevent further depigmentation of the skin by arresting the progressive destruction of melanocytes.

Kali Carbonicum

Potassium carbonate undergoes the process of potentization to evolve into a powerful deep acting homeopathic remedy called Kali Carbonicum.

Kali carb is having effects on multiple organs and systems in the body. It has a broad sphere of action and is useful for a wide range of diseases like diseases of lungs, digestive system, heart, liver, kidney, female reproductive system, skin, etc. It is also used for treating autoimmune disorders such as vitiligo, hypothyroidism and hair loss. Kali carbonicum is effective for treating diseases in people whose constitutional states include mental anxiety and stress hence it is used for the treatment of the effects of stress on the body.


Syphilinum belongs to a group of homeopathic remedies called nosodes. Nosodes are obtained from diseased tissues. In the case of Syphilinum, the tissue used is afflicted with the syphilitic virus. However, in the homeopathic remedy, the virus has been removed and its toxins diluted to non-virulent levels by the process of potentization.

It’s a useful drug to combat diseases that are destructive in nature and are deep-seated. Its effects can be seen in many organs and it is a common remedy for diseases such as vitiligo, osteomyelitis, and rheumatism.

Nitric Acid

As the name suggests, this drug is prepared from nitric acid. Nitricum acidum is a deep acting, constitutional remedy which positively influences the gastrointestinal tract, nerves, glands, skin, bones, etc.

In vitiligo white spots are found at the muco-cutaneus junction. More at the angle of the mouth, eyes, nose, nipples, glans penis, vulva, etc. Along with it, there may be fissure at the same spot. In some of the patients along with this, there is a desire for eating chalk, pencils, etc., particularly in children.

Arsenicum Sulfuratum Flavum

This is one of the most commonly used, over the counter remedies used for the treatment of vitiligo in homeopathy.  A deep acting drug which has been known to give good results in the treatment of vitiligo.

It is indicated in vitiligo cases where discoloration of the skin in patches that are pale or white in color. It is also a good remedy for moist eczema with intense itching with corrosive discharge.


Here is a remedy prepared from the material derived from the carcinoma of the breast. It must be borne in mind that the actual medicine does not contain any part of the original substance in the material form. Only the dynamic powers of the original drug substance are present in the final medicine. Carcinosin is a deep acting constitutional drug having many indications and a very broad spectrum of action.

Homeopathy believes that the genetic predisposition or inherent susceptibility is usually the root cause of a wide range of diseases and Carcinosin in one such remedy which is used to combat these genetic tendencies effectively. Carcinosin works wonderfully in patients with family history of genetic disorders or cancer.

Hydrocotyle Asiatica

This is a remedy that is prepared from the plant called Indian Pennywort. This is one of the very good remedies for vitiligo. It stimulates the process of pigmentation. It is also effective in the treatment of psoriasis, lupus, leprosy, acne and other disorders of the skin. This medicine is often prescribed in combination with a constitutional medicine or other deeper acting medicine to get the best effect.

Homeopathic treatment has been found to be effective in a wide range of vitiligo patients, depending on the duration, extent, type and causes. At Life Force, we treat those diseases, which are curable, controls those, which need to be controlled, and suggests those patients to accept who cannot be cured.

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– Written by Dr. Aparna, Team Life Force Homeopathy


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