Breastfeeding-For-Mother-And-BabiesBreastfeeding is feeding a child with milk from mother’s breast. Breast feeding can be started as early as one hour from the birth of child.

Breast feeding contains all the basic nutrients and vitamins for the child. Hence for 6 months at least breastfeeding is recommended to all the mothers.

Breastfeeding not only benefits baby but it also has benefits for mother.

Benefits of breastfeeding to babies mainly include:

  1. Protection – The most important benefit which babies get out of it. Breast milk helps to increase immune system of babies and by this they are protected from all types of infections and allergies. Child on breastfeed is said to be healthier as compared to child who is on top feed.
  2. Breast milk helps to prevent babies getting SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome- i.e sudden unexplained death of child under 1 year of age)
  3. According to American academy of pediatrics (AAP) breast milk is strongly recommended to child for first six months as that will reduce the rate of heart problems including diabetes and Asthma.
  4. It has also been proven that babies who had breast milk have more IQ level as compared to babies with top feed. Thus breastfeeding also helps in growth of brain.
  5. By breastfeeding there is bond (maternal bond) growing stronger between mother and child which will make the child feel more secure.
  6. It is cost effective as compared to top feed/formula milk.

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Benefits of breastfeeding to mothers mainly includes:

  1. Breastfeeding helps mother to recover faster from the delivery as there are hormones (oxytocin) secreted during breastfeeding which acts directly on uterus and helps to reduce bleeding and also helps to gain normal size of uterus again.
  2. It also helps to have an earlier return of normal weight which was there before pregnancy.
  3. It is said that women who have done breastfed have less changes to get uterine, ovarian and breast cancer as compared to others.
  4. It has also been proven that women who had done breastfeeding have less chances to get osteoporosis (Decrease strength in bone which leads to easy fracture) as compared to others.
  5. Breastfeeding helps to create unique emotional bond (maternal bond) between mother and child which is make child feel safe and secure.
  6. It has been observed that continuous breastfeeding is natural form of contraception if baby is on breastfeed day and night.

-Dr. Kainaz Billimoria, Life Force Homeopathy

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