Are you experiencing heartburn often and finding it disrupting your routine life? Are the discomforts of heartburn affecting your quality of life? If that’s the case, certain lifestyle modifications and home remedies can help you obtain relief naturally. Millions are laid low as heartburn affects them daily, but it is preventable and treatable. Occasional heartburn, particularly after eating common ‘trigger’ foods that might be acid-forming, isn’t dangerous; however, in line with studies, experiencing these discomforting symptoms frequently could lead to a chronic condition, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Although the name implies it would be related to the heart, heartburn primarily results due to digestive troubles, such as belly acid regurgitation into the esophagus. It doesn’t have anything to do with one’s heart.

It became named ‘heartburn’ because a number of the symptoms, such as pain and throbbing near the breast bone and heart, are just like those that might occur when someone is having a heart attack. Unfortunately, some people who truly suffer from a heart attack mistakenly suppose that they’re having heartburn and don’t rush to the emergency room!

Heartburn is irritation of the esophagus resulting due to acid regurgitation leading to symptoms, such as burning sensation in the chest and throat. The basic reason for heartburn is lax lower esophageal sphincter or open LES, meals which might be excessive in fat and oils regularly lead to heartburn, mental strain, and absence of sleep can boom acid production that causes heartburn.

Heartburn is Characterized by the Following Symptoms:

1) A burning feeling within the chest just at the back of the breastbone that happens after ingesting and lasts for a few minutes to several hours.

2) Chest aches particularly after bending over, lying down, or consuming.

3) Burning inside the throat followed by a bitter or sour taste in the mouth.

4) Feeling of food sticking within the center of the chest or throat.

5) Intermittent issue or pain on swallowing.

6) An ongoing or steady cough.

Many people think that indigestion and heartburn are the same things, but regularly heartburn is one of the symptoms of indigestion.

Experiencing occasional heartburn is very common and has no cause of alarm. It can be treated with a variety of non-prescription medications depending on its severity.

You can have a word with your doctor if:

1) You have more than occasional heartburn symptoms.

2) You have pain or a problem while swallowing.

3) You have a family record of Barrett’s esophagus or esophageal cancer.

4) You have an ongoing unexplained cough.

5) You have been speaking with a hoarse voice over numerous weeks.

6) You have a long-lasting, unexplained sore throat.

7) You cough or choke while you lie down.

While conventional treatment is common, you can also try these natural remedies to reduce heartburn and heal your digestive system. Here’s is a list of  natural remedies that you may find helpful before counting on medications:

Natural Remedies to Manage Heartburn:

Here are some natural remedies that can help you deal with heartburn.

1) Bananas: Bananas prevent acid formation.

2) Cold milk: The milk helps to preserve pH balance.

3) Gooseberries: It helps to soothe the stomach lining.

4) Fennel seeds: It facilitates the prevention of bloating.

5) Buttermilk: Buttermilk promotes good digestion.

6) Basil leaves: It stimulates mucous production.

7) Pineapple juice: It facilitates the prevention of acid reflux.

8) Raw almonds: Almonds neutralize the stomach acid.

9) Mint leaves: Mint leaves are natural coolants.

10) Garlic: Garlic is beneficial for treating gastroenteritis.

11) Ginger: Ginger minimizes belly inflammation.

12) Probiotics: Probiotics allow to preserve the bacterial flora in the gut, which is essential for restoring the gut.

Dietary and Lifestyle Modifications to Beat Heartburn:

Several changes will help you stay away from experiencing heartburn, such as changing your diet, avoiding overeating, and better-controlling stressors. Here are some easy yet effective tips and lifestyle modifications that reduce heartburn.

1) Keep a diary, pen down the foods to which you are sensitive, and try to keep away from them.

2) Manage your weight.

3) Enjoy smaller and frequent meals.

4) Wear loose clothing.

5) Avoid food and drink triggers.

6) Sleep with head and shoulders elevated.

7) Stop alcohol.

8) Manage stress.

9) Wait an hour after consuming your food to exercise.

10) Avoid foods that trigger the discomforts of heartburn.

11) Limit fried, highly spiced, and gassy foods.

12) Avoid slouching, bending, or laying after ingesting.

13) Learn about secure antacid options.

14) Drink fluids.

15) Sit up straight.

16) Chew meals slowly.

17) Minimize caffeine.

18) Avoid sleeping or lying down for at least three hours after eating your meals.

19) Sleep with your head and shoulders propped up, a few studies have shown sleeping on the left side of the body enables to lessen heartburn.

20) Exercise regularly.

21) Don’t drink with meals.

22) Take a walk after ingesting.

23) Don’t bend after having your food.

24) Eat less for dinner.

25) Stop smoking.

If you have questions about what meals you should include in your food plan to get relief from the discomforts of heartburn, see your primary care physician. Your doctor may additionally also suggest medicines depending on the severity of your case. If you’ve got a question about how Homeopathy can help in alleviating the symptoms of heartburn or wish to learn more about how Homeopathy can assist to treat heartburn at the root level, please feel free to contact us.

  • Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom)


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