Are you losing a lot of hair? It’s time to act and take care of your hair and health before it’s too late. It gets sometimes tricky to figure out why you are losing hair, particularly in women. Professional expertise from a doctor will help you know the root cause of hair loss.


Most of the time, minor hair loss is considered normal and neglected often. This is the body’s sign that new hair is replacing the old hair. The best way to know whether it’s minor or major hair loss is to pay attention to your hair brush or shower drain.


How many strands of hair loss is considered normal?

50 – 100 strands of hair loss are considered normal. If you are losing a lot of hair, it is time to analyze what is causing hair loss. In the case of men and women, it has been observed that there are different causes of hair loss.


How to check for hair loss?

Well, it’s time to brush your hair and check for hair loss. It’s a good idea to simply pay attention to what you see typically on your hairbrush when you comb your hair.


There are different signs which indicate how to check hair loss. If you are still confused, follow these simple signs and tests to check for hair loss.

Signs How to check for hair loss?
Sign #1Check for hair pull test
Sign #2Check for quality of hair
Sign #3Check for density of hair
Sign #4Check for hairline – receding
Sign #5Check for thinning of hair


You can also book an online consultation with one of our expert doctors at Life Force Homeopathy who will give you an overall view on how to check for hair loss. Our doctors also work to find out the cause behind this. Well, Life Force Homeopathy does not stop here! The expert doctors will not only check for the cause and diagnosis but also provide you with the right solutions for hair loss to give you beautiful and dense hair with NO HAIR LOSS!

Check for the hair pull test

Yes, this is a great way to check for hair pull tests. Make sure that you do not pull out your hair vigorously; instead, be gentle with your hair strands. Hair loss can be severe in some cases when your hair falls even on touching the scalp or by running your finger down the hair. There are chances that you might see some strands fall out even on a touch of the scalp. This indicates hair loss from roots due to weakened hair.

Check for quality of hair

If your hair is dry, they are more prone to breakage. Too oily hair is more prone to attract dust and grime, which will clog the pores and cause hair to fall. Your hair should have a balanced condition with optimum moisturization of the scalp and hair strands to keep it healthy and growing.

Check for density of hair

Hold your hair in hand and check for the density of hair. Check your ponytail or braid. If it’s thinner, it means you have low density. Thicker and denser hair has more chances to grow out long and beautiful.

Check for hairline – receding

Receding hairline occurs with age not only in males but also in females. It’s time to check your hair. Make sure not to miss out on a hairline; check before it’s late. The chances are very low of reversing the hairline at times. But, there is a solution for this. Kickstart with castor oil and check your hairline in a couple of weeks. Small tiny hair known as vellus hair can be seen cropping on the scalp. You can check for the hairline to observe the hair cropping up. If you still do not notice hair cropping up, consult one of our expert doctors at Life Force Homeopathy.


Check for thinning of hair

This is very important to check for thinning of hair when it comes to hair loss. If you notice diffuse hair loss with small tiny bald patches, particularly on parting the hair, you must get treated for it.


So, check for hair loss before it’s too late. Hair is a crown you always wear and do not want to lose! Consult one of our expert doctors at Life Force Homeopathy who will guide you through the entire process and help you with the recovery from hair loss by offering the right treatment.




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