causes-of-aplastic-anemia-and-mdsAnemia is such a common term we hear in our day to day life, and some even experience it. Anemia is a condition which many individuals may be unaware of. There is a common human tendency where we tend to neglect things. We do not take them seriously until and unless there are significant or cause harm to us in any way. Anemia has been so common in children these days. The commonest type of anemia we come across is the iron deficiency anemia which is quite treatable and manageable even at home level. But when the doctor declares that “your child is suffering from Aplastic anemia” you may get alarmed as may be you have never heard of this term anytime and it looks a bit disturbing. Yes, this can make one perturbed as this is uncommon but these days there are many pediatricians who are creating awareness about it.

What is Aplastic anemia?

Aplastic anemia is the deficiency of all types of blood cells along with the failure of bone functioning. This is a condition which should be taken seriously where the bone marrow does not produce enough new blood cells.

This further results of it are unimaginable. But before that, let us find out what actually causes this disorder.

Causes of Aplastic anemia

Aplastic anemia in children can happen at any point of their life. Many times there is no cause found. On studying the case deeply we find someone in the family was having it, hence genetic link can be the major cause for the child to be susceptible to contract aplastic anemia. Other causes include;

  • Infections– Any viral disease like HIV, Epstein barr virus, Cytomegalovirus or Hepatitis
  • Cancer– Any cancer affecting the bone marrow
  • Autoimmune disease– Systemic lupus erythematus, rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Some medications
  • Exposure to heavy metals, chemicals or pesticides
  • Radiotherapy, chemotherapy etc..

Out of the above causes, autoimmunity is quite commonly blamed for causing this condition. Aplastic anemia may not be evident through symptoms but may get diagnosed during routine investigations advised by a keen doctor.

How does Aplastic anemia present itself?

The child may keep on complaining to you about recurrent headaches and shortness of breath on exertion. He may have dizziness at times. This is the stage where one may neglect or overlook their child as he may fake it just to avoid school or studies. But symptoms occurring on and off should be keenly investigated.

The child will look pale and may get easily tired after doing some work. A child who is already fair may be masked by the paleness. He also can suffer from recurrent fevers, mouth ulcers, and infections. Your child may complain to you about their gums bleeding or one fine morning, mothers may see blood in saliva while brushing their child’s teeth. He may bruise easily and healing can take time.

The child often comes with node bleeds especially during summers, if it happens frequently this can also be a sign of aplastic anemia. Parents can also see a pediatrician if you find blood in stools, skin rashes on and off and heavy bleeding in girls during menstrual periods without any probable cause.

This picture of the disease makes you so disturbed. Imagine the child who has no idea about what is going on within his body and is experiencing these symptoms on and off and missing his favorite school, playing out and hanging around with friends. He has so much to do but his deranged health pulls him back and refrains from doing anything great every time.

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Parents when do not find any probable cause for all the symptoms rush to their child specialist hurried and worried. On blood investigations all the blood counts are on the lower side, specially the haemoglobin and neutrophil counts which makes children more prone to infections. Conventional treatment is started immediately with some heavy medications. In some cases, where pathology is quite advanced pediatricians land up advising bone marrow transplant which is horrifying.

What has homeopathy to offer?

Homeopathy has an answer to aplastic anemia, of course, if it is diagnosed early. Homeopathy can opt as a supportive line of treatment in combination with the conventional method of treatment. Children respond very well to homeopathy due to their high sensitivity level. It is a known fact that homeopathy is a gentle science which manages chronic diseases effectively and treats it from the root. When it comes to treating aplastic anemia homeopathy treats it symptomatically. It helps improve the general health of the patient. There are medicines which enhance the immunity of children thereby controlling or slowing down the disease spread. Some remedies also help in boosting the blood cells formation by replenishing the bone marrow. Even though some part of bone marrow is completely dysfunctioning, homeopathy has the power to maintain the function of the healthy part of the marrow thereby affecting the production of blood cells. It has been seen many times through bone marrow biopsy that the bone marrow though functioning produces a poor quality of red blood cells which further reduce the capacity of carrying oxygen which is the main function. The homeopathic medicines capacitate to rejuvenate the bone marrow which will produce healthy red blood cells which function effectively.

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This is the scope of homeopathy wherein the side effects of heavy medications given to children also can be taken care of. The quality of your child’s life can be improved, it can also reduce the need for other heavy medications which has its own side effects and can further complicate the disease. Bone marrow transplant if advised can also be delayed or postponed if the case is in the capacity of homeopathy. Aplastic anemia though an irreversible disease condition can be effectively treated through a combination of homeopathy and conventional treatment.

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– Written by Dr. Kanchan Gohil, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, Life Force team

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