I remember this unfortunate case which I recently read in the Times of India. It was penicillin allergy case described by the honorary professor of Mumbai’s largest leading hospitals. It was about a patient suffering from rheumatic valve disease, and she was taking a monthly injection of penicillin. One fine day, she visited the hospital outpatient department for her routine injection which she was taking for years together. She explained to the nurse that there was no need of drug allergy test as she could really tolerate this injection well over the past few years. This was logical on her part, but if she would have given a second thought to it she would have survived. She was injected with penicillin and instantly fell down and died. Within no time, everything was over.

We should all agree that incidences like these are uncommon but possible. The allergy test, which is necessary to be conducted every time, was always done in anticipation of any drug allergy. But, everything used to be normal. This is one example of drug allergies that you should take note of. But, there are many other drugs in modern medicine that we are yet not aware of and that can lead to severe allergies and even instantaneous death. So, this ‘EVERY TIME’ should always grab one’s attention and one should go for it without neglection. Thankfully, injectable penicillin is a little-used antibiotic today.

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The human body is strange and no particular law can be applied in judging it. What is good for you may not be good for someone else suffering from the same problem. Homeopathy is one branch of medicine that always believes in individualization. Homeopathy truly stands out from the rest when incidences like these are discussed. No two individuals are same on this earth, not even twins. Everyone has a different reaction to different stimuli, hence human body is extremely complicated to understand. Physicians generally use safe, innocuous therapies which may not be most effective, but may have complications. Hence, it is important to consult a physician who can treat you rationally with an effective therapy which will not lead to complications.

Homeopathy is a rational logical science and is best indicated for allergies. It is the best and safest option to go for when you get allergies where symptoms are disturbing and not under control. Homeopathic medicines are safe, effective, and treat the tendencies to have allergies. Allergies do not always require medications. They can be tackled at home level too, depending on their intensity and the kind of discomfort that they cause. Avoiding a few things, which you have noticed being allergic, too can also suffice. There are many types of allergies, such as skin allergies, allergies of the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal allergies, drug allergy, and other allergies. They are immunoglobulin E modulated which give symptoms, such as hives, swelling of the face, and breathlessness, and may result in death if not quickly treated. Allergies do not always need medications. It is important for one to know that people affected by drug allergies can change their state of allergies and 80% of patients with severe IgE mediated allergy can lose their sensitivity over ten years, according to the joint task force on practice parameters of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

Most physicians, especially in a busy practice, do not recommend drugs with a potential to cause allergies unless absolutely indicated. It is wise to counsel the patient before prescribing them. In many early-stage diseases, physicians recommend lifestyle changes before embarking on drug therapy. But, I find most patients are dissatisfied as they always want some or the other medicine to be prescribed. It is important to re-correct this notion of always taking medicines or popping pills for no reason. There is no need to feel offended if any physician does not prescribe you medicines and gives you this valuable advice. I personally feel patients should be advised to stop insisting on medication for allergies when not indicated because allergies are so unpredictable and changeable every time. Medication is the answer only when indicated.

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  • Written by Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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