Are you suffering from an itchy, running nose, redness in eyes, sneezing along with a headache and fever often? Are you allergic to certain things? Do you experience an allergic reaction when you are exposed to those specific things? Does it hamper your ability to work and concentrate at office, school, or college? If you answered positively, then you might be suffering from allergic rhinitis. Read on to discover more about it.

What Is Allergic Rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis, which is also known as hay fever, is the swelling of the nasal passage with irritation & clear watery discharge from the nose, eyes, & the upper respiratory tract which occurs due to an allergic reaction to certain substances from your surroundings. A variety of substances commonly present around you, such as the pollens of certain flowers, fine hair of your lovable pets, mites getting out from the dusting of the curtains, sofa, bed, blankets & carpets, etc. are some of the allergic triggers of this condition. Cleaning of the ceiling fan & the moldy walls or roofs of your room and strong odors of perfume can also trigger this condition. Seasonal transition effect, such as the change from the summer to monsoon or monsoon to winter, can also make you suffer from allergic rhinitis. The basic cause is the allergy & the hyper response of your immune system to the above-mentioned elements & changes& many other substances, which otherwise are harmless to many other individuals.

Pictorial Examples of a Few of the Common Causes:

 Allergic Rhinitis Common Cause

Allergic Rhinitis- Incidence & Occurrence:

Allergic rhinitis can affect any individual at any place throughout the world. It affects all age groups & both the genders alike. If you are having an altered immune status, you happen to become an easy victim of it with an exaggerated immune response to the various substance, a few major & common ones mentioned above. Invariably genetic history in the family & prolonged exposure to the triggers can also make you suffer from allergic rhinitis.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis mimic largely to the common cold with a similar disease presentation, but, unlike allergic rhinitis, the common cold has a bacterial or viral origin.

Allergic Rhinitis Occurrence


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What Happens Exactly Inside Your Body In Allergic Rhinitis?

Any substance which causes an allergy is called an ‘Antigen’,& the components of immunity which counters the action of antigens when they enter your body are called ‘Antibodies’.

When you are initially exposed to the allergic substance or Antigen, your immune system produces antibodies (i.e.IgE antibodies to be specific), which attach themselves to the Immune cells called as Mast cells to counter it in future. On subsequent exposures to those allergic substances, the Mast cells release the histamines, which is a usual step taken by your immune system to infective agents or antigens, resulting in an increased blood flow to the affected area thereby bringing other components of the immune system to combat the antigen. Subsequently, it leads to a swelling in the particular part & the secretion of watery discharges as seen in Allergic Rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis does not occur due to a viral or bacterial cause, but due to an altered immunity of the allergic individual that mistakenly considers the allergic substances similar to bacteria & virus & take a similar action to combat the same. On the contrary, in the case of non-allergic individuals, any allergic hyper response is not observed by their immune system.

Acute & Chronic Allergic Rhinitis:

The above-described process initially leads to acute episodes of allergic rhinitis, but this cycle keeps on repeating & turns into an irritating chronic illness.

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Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis:

First & the foremost treatment for allergic rhinitis is the prevention of exposure to the allergic substances.

1. Conventional TreatmentFor Allergic Rhinitis:

Intranasal corticosteroids include antihistamines and decongestants, which are helpful majorly in an acute phase of the condition, but they are addictive in nature &, in the chronic cases, they won’t help much, as they act on the effect & not on the cause. It means that antihistamines try to negate the effects of histamines released by the immune system which leads to the allergic reaction, but they do not help the immunity to differentiate between the allergens, like virus & bacteria, from the harmless substances &your immune response repeats this cycle with every exposure.

  1. Homeopathic Treatment For Allergic Rhinitis:

Homeopathy in Allergic Rhinitis offers you wonderful results, as it tackles the cause of allergic rhinitis by effectively uprooting it from the body. It stabilizes the hyperimmune response of the allergic individuals,& gradually the immune system starts responding normally to the harmless substances thinking them to be antigenic/allergic substances, thereby limiting the severity, intensity,& frequency of the acute episodes as well as the chronic ones.

Homeopathic medicines are completely safe to be administered to any age group without any fear of the reaction of any sort. Homeopathic remedies neither causes dependency on them nor they make the symptoms shoot up after completing a successful course of the treatment.

Life Force Homeopathy is the Pioneer Institute of Advanced Research in Homeopathic field and it’s Headed by very Experienced Researcher & Practioner- Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D, having an experience of over three and half decades, where his research-based homeopathic medicines are revolutionizing the homeopathic results.

So, say goodbye to your stuffy, itchy, runny nose & eyes, curtail allergic rhinitis in the acute stage & uproot the chronic ones too.

I hope this blog has helped you understand Allergic Rhinitis very well, what to do and what not to do in this condition, & where to go for its complete & effective treatment. So, count on homeopathy for treating your allergic rhinitis without a second thought and obtain a great relief effectively and safely. Stay Happy Stay Healthy.

– Written by Dr. Aditya, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D

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