The lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves is no doubt comfortable but leaves no room for self-care due to time constraints. It is overwhelming to get the best of life as we are in work mode for almost 12-18 hours of our day. It leaves us with a host of diseases like insomnia, stress, indigestion, anxiety, and other related issues.


We rely on quick fixes of allopathic medicine, not realizing the need to nip the problem in the bud. To solve our health issues, we must switch to a long term remedy and, the answer to it is Homeopathy.


“Homeopathy relies on the belief that the body can cure itself”


It is believed that each body reacts differently to every disease, hence each person is studied carefully to treat in a way that is suited to only and only his or her body. A practice that holistically treats the patient in a natural way based on plant, animal, or mineral sources. The ingredients include charcoal, fresh or dried herbs, garlic, vinegar, caffeine, and nettle plant extracts given as dosage in the forms of pellets, droplets, creams, gels & tablets.


Instead of focussing just on a termed disease, it treats the person as a whole for complete wellbeing. The emotional, physical, and psychological characteristics and complaints are taken into account to find a cure that would heal the person. Healing is through the activation of the body’s defenses.


A person of any age varying from small babies to children, adolescents, adults, pregnant women & old age people, can access the benefits of Homeopathy. The benefits of taking the appropriate dosage as a permanent & long-term treatment are many:


  • It relies on minimum dosage and no side effects during treatment.


  • The disease is addressed at the root level by enhancing the resistance against the disease.


  • It is effective in acute & chronic health conditions.


  • Unlike antibiotics, these medicines do not hamper the metabolism.


  • The treatment is cost-effective and of permanence.


  • Heals emotional & physical trauma as they are underlying issues of several prevailing diseases.


Connect Online

With all such benefits, you must switch to the healthier options of medicine like homeopathy. You can always visit a homeopathic clinic or consult the online homeopathic doctor at your convenience. Connecting with online homeopathy clinics with the best doctors across the world has its benefits. Its an advent of technology that you can today connect to the best doctors across the world with just a single click! Virtual visits help you connect with the expert doctors via the app-based online homeopathic clinics, mail, message, phone, and even video calls making it feasible and easier than ever. Especially in cases when the doctor has to talk to you and understand concerns on both emotional and psychological levels as in homeopathy, it is best to connect on a video-call for personal attention.


  • With the feasibility of the availability of a doctor, you can connect and get personal one-to-one advice without traveling far distances.


  • Before consulting, you can be sure of the quality of treatment and trustworthiness by going through the reviews left by the patients who have already consulted.


  • The online homeopathic consultation is instant and cost-effective, as online treatments are way cost-friendly than regular visits.


  • You can always have a follow-up & online chat and support on a single payment.


  • Regular evaluation of the case by the experts while in the comfort of your home.


  • You can easily get the medicines delivered at a lower cost than the prevailing market price


  • Tele-medicine helps you provide data regarding health issues via questionnaires and surveys provided by the doctor, which makes it easier for them to analyze your case by a better investigation.

Avail The Best Services

You must share the health concerns in a detailed way with the doctor without any hesitation, also your previous medical records must be shared. You can plan the meeting listing all the symptoms in advance and also can set a reminder to connect with the homeopathic doctor online. Get treated by the pioneer of Online treatment, by connecting with experts like Dr. Rajesh Shah & Dr. Rupal Shah, who was the first to start Online Medical practice in 1995. Dr Shah at the LifeForce Homeopathy has treated patients from more than 180 countries.


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