adhd-in-ChildrenIs your child hyperactive?

  • Does he get on your nerves every time?
  • Is it difficult for you and your family to make him sit and understand things?
  • Is he repeating the same mistakes again and again?

Your child’s errant behavior may be due to various conditions like learning disabilities, anxiety, hyperactivity, behavioural disorders or even something as simple as stress, a temporary phase due to change in situation, etc. Once it has been confirmed that there is a definite condition, comes the next question. My child’s symptoms don’t exactly fit into just one condition – So what is it, ADHD or Autism?

Before we can differentiate between the two conditions, it is important to understand what they are.

Autism is a disorder in which there is developmental delay in social interaction, communication and restricted, repetitive behavior. ADHD is short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder, wherein the child has problem communicating to others, cannot relate to the things happening around him, and has a repetitive behavior, with difficulty with language and taking up small tasks. The diagnosis of Autism requires skillful observation and evaluations.

Parents of kids with ADHD often complain about the hyper activity of the child, notorious habits like always being expelled out of class, not concentrating in studies, impulsive behaviors etc. Many people believe that an ADHD kid is more like a kid with boundless energy who fails to channelize his energy in the right and organized manner.

So let’s differentiate between the two conditions –

Autism – involves more of a lack in social and communication skills.

ADHD – involves more of hyperactivity, aggression, and attention problems.

Autism – is more often diagnosed at a very early age from 18 months to 2 years, when the child fails to grasp things and their reaction towards the external stimuli are repetitive either in speech or in action.

ADHD – is often seen in kids from 2 years of age to 8 years

Autism – They lack or fail to take account of their own and others’ feelings, emotions, intentions and hence have impaired interaction skills.

ADHD – These kids can connect with others and understand what people are talking and behaving. But they cannot give the expected or desired reaction. This is in part due to their hyperactivity. It is believed that kids with ADHD may lack empathy and hence are destructive in nature.

Autism –They have to be forced to look at something and will hardly react to anything pointed towards them because they are caught up in their own world. These kids avoid eye contact with people and feel uncomfortable in crowded places.

ADHD – These kids lack concentration. Hence, sometimes they may see and point certain things, but sometimes may not, despite having the ability to. Some kids do not like being constantly told to do things and this may make them aggressive, because of which they may avoid going out or listening to their parents.

Dealing with a kid with ADHD or Autism is a journey, both for the parents and the child. We, at Lifeforce are here to listen and provide a helping hand. Do get in touch with us to know how Dr Rajesh Shah’s research based homoeopathic medicines can help your Autistic / ADHD child.

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