PCOS is an imbalance occurring in woman‘s hormones that leads to the growth of may cysts in ovaries. This results in problems like irregular periods, fertility weight gain, excessive hair growth, and acne.

PCOS is a common health problem affecting 1 out of 10 women in India. However, there is an increasing trend predominantly seen in women of the childbearing age group of 15 to 30 years.


Symptoms of PCOS :

The symptoms of PCI+OS begins soon after the woman starts getting her periods. The symptoms include :

  • Irregular periods
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pelvic pain
  • Abnormalities of skin and hair
  • Dry skin
  • Dry hair
  • Substantial weight gain
  • Sleep apnea

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There are many factors that cause PCOS such as genetic obesity, dysregulation of ovarian system abnormalities in the hypothalamic system, and pituitary gland function.

Studies have shown that whose mother or sister is having this condition is more likely to get this

If you are suffering from PCOS below is the checklist that you should do when suffering from this kind of syndrome.

17 Tips for PCOS patients

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle like exercising regularly sleeping well and including a healthy diet. It is advisable to do 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week to control insulin resistance which is the main cause of PCOS
  • Take probiotic supplements every day for a month, as research inflammation which is seen in PCOS. Also include dietary sources of probiotics which have an impact on weight loss, insulin resistance and products such as curd buttermilk dhoklas dosa kefir are fermented foods and natural probiotics and should be included in the diet
  • Try to maximize hormone function. Try to get to the bed between 10 – 11 pm and stick to the natural sleep and wake cycle. This induced stress-free life and keeps your body healthy in long run.
  • Do not indulge in overeating or eating junk food that is pizza burgers and pastry and try to avoid foods with refined sugar as this contains all harmful agents that can hamper insulin resistance and cause problems in the body.
  • Having organic and herbal teas is good for your health. It helps in boosting the metabolism effectively and is a good source of antioxidants which is good for health to fight with oxidative stress and free radicals produced due to it.
  • If you are suffering from acidity, have hibiscus tea in the morning and dilute it with more water if you have low blood pressure and have it with a rich protein snack
  • Make sure to have a good amount of almonds which is a good protein-rich snack and is also good for the body as it contains vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body and it keeps you active throughout the day. Since almonds have rich protein it keeps you full and you feel less hungry. This can help to curb your appetite and suppress it naturally and help you keep fit and active.
  • Take your supplements daily especially vitamins and minerals. It’s important to keep you energetic throughout the day and its very essential for you to get your mineral and vitamins from the daily diet.
  • The absorption is equally important and the vitamins and minerals must be absorbed in a better manner. Take your supplements daily for over 2 months to gain good results because if you are deficient in minerals it can cause more problems as your body cannot meet up the requirements from the diet that you take in. Make sure you choose good absorbable multivitamins that are high-end supplements and of good quality with good absorption power.
  • Vitamin D is also an essential part of the daily diet and has shown to play an important role in insulin resistance and prevents the egg to develop into a cyst so take it as per the advice of your doctor. Vitamins are also good for your immunity and to keep you protected from other diseases
  • Incorporate a good amount of vegetable diet salad in each meal to lower the insulin levels. HAving more salad is good for your tummy health and helps in boosting metabolism and controls weight in long run. It is essential to have a bowl of vegetables every day to meet your daily requirements of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Have 1teaspoon of fiber every day. It is a compulsory superfood to reduce your weight
  • Have 15 gms of cocktail seeds. It can be munched or sprinkled over soup, dal, salads, or cereals breakfast which is essential for daily mineral intake. Seeds such as flaxseed or pumpkin seeds are very essential in the daily diet
  • Eat more fresh and organic foods if possible
  • Protect yourself from synthetic estrogen such as drinking water in plastic.
  • Use filtered water to avoid certain endocrine disruptors like lead

Pelvic scan, fasting insulin, thyroid profile, vitamin B12 are the mandatory lab reports and if there is an issue with heavy cycles then serum ferritin is required.

  • For optimal treatment medical treatment goes hand in hand with changes in lifestyle modifications.


Follow these tips to keep PCOS under control and try to achieve a cure with homeopathy medicines which are gentle and side effect free.

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