The entire world is experiencing the critical period and fighting against the pandemic of COVID-19, which is resulting due to novel coronavirus, and the increasing number of its cases every day. As the disease is highly contagious, to minimize the spread of the disease and to stop the community spread, India is also witnessing a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. In these lockdown days, people are encouraged to stay confined to their homes and maintain social distancing and seek only essential services. And, it might be difficult for people to pass the time at home 24*7. Many of them may feel boredom, stress, and anxiety about the disease and economy. However, if we look at the positive side of this lockdown phase, such an opportunity to stay at home comes once in a lifetime as people are always occupied with their busy schedules to keep up with the fast pace of this world. So, let’s utilize the time in something which brings us happiness and health. Scroll down to find a few fantastic things that you can do in this lockdown phase.

   1. Meditation, yoga or any kind of workout

Get up early in the morning and utilize your time by doing yoga which can help detox your system and make you feel refreshed. Yoga and other exercises will help to improve your overall mental and physical health, relieve the bone and joint pain, improve normal metabolism, improve blood circulation, and increase blood supply to the brain. It can help improve your emotional health. Medical studies have revealed that practicing meditation and yoga helps in enhancing your cognitive-behavioral performance and aids in dealing with depression, mood swings, schizophrenia, insomnia, menopause, and anxiety. Practicing yoga in a group setting stimulates the production of oxytocin, which is the love hormone, and it also produces higher levels of serotonin, the happy hormone. Together, these hormones dramatically improve your mood.

2. Study online 

The best way to make the lockdown period productive for you is by studying online. If you are preparing for any competitive exam, college exams, or entrance exams, you have the opportunity to excel and make the best use of this time. Anything, which you wanted to learn but because of job and daily duties you were unable to pursue it earlier, you can learn now online. Learn your favorite course, study from the videos available online, and clear your doubts for fruitful results.

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3. Reading books: Food for the brain

Prefer to read your favorite books and literature in your spare time. Books can be your best friend. You can read novels, magazines, or study-related books as per your choice and requirement. Reading will help you gain a new perspective and improve your vocabulary.

  4. Spend time with family

Due to our busy, hectic schedule, we hardly find any time to spend with our beloved family. Often, we do not get the time to discuss our problems and share feelings with our family members and care for them. So, use this lockdown phase to spend quality time with your family. Sit with your parents, listen to them, and talk to them politely. Play some indoor childhood games with your kids and family. You have got the chance to keep your busy life aside and treasure precious moments by spending time with your family.

5.  Doing cooking experiments

You can utilize the lockdown period by doing experiments with your cooking skills. It’s time to think of different cooking ideas and explore the foodie in you. Always wanted to try that new recipe you saw on YouTube? You have the time to try out new recipes and varied combinations of food preparations.

  1. Developing a good habit

As per several studies, you require a few days to develop and incorporate any habit in your daily life. This lockdown phase offers you the time to improvise your habits or develop a new one. It can be your food habits, hygiene habits, eating habits, or sleeping habits that you wish to improve or develop. With simple efforts and discipline, you can change your lifestyle habits. Make sure that to stick to your schedule and stay consistent with what you have promised to yourself.

     7. Help your mother or wife with household chores

Mother and wife are always engaged in daily household activities. They make sure that we don’t encounter any problem. It’s time to help your mother with household chores, such as cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, mopping, etc. Organize your cupboard, and do your work on your own.

  1. Utilize your time by working on the hobbies you have

As we grow old, we leave behind the things we loved to do when we were a kid. Painting or drawing, making poems writing stories reading, dancing, or anything we love will act as a stress-buster. You may discover your hidden talent in this process.

  1. Watch the television

Watch the TV series or movies which you have missed due to your busy schedule. Enjoy watching the television with your family and communicating and sharing the emotions, such as laughing together while viewing a comedy show. Avoid watching stressful programs on television.

  1. Design your plans for future

You can change the lifestyle or diet you were following and which was not proper or leading to excessive weight gain or bad health. Or, if you want to start a new business, develop some ideas, search online references or related things, collect essential material, prepare the list of work to do, learn or utilize your digital marketing skills, such as web designing, and find how to reach out to the customer, the list or source from where you can get your costumers and the target audience online.

So, let’s follow lockdown sincerely and stay happy and healthy by utilizing our time positively and by following the rules designed by our government for the sake of ourselves and our nation.

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