What_is_EczemaEczema is one of the most common skin ailments now-a-days seen across the globe. So if you have suffered from eczema you must know the action of conventional medicines have given you, so you can share your piece of experience. Skin ailments are referred commonly to a homeopath. We know that conventional medicines struggle to cure and bring long term results. More or less it has been seen by patients that conventional medicines only have a palliative mode of action on their ailment rather than a cure for their disease.
So before we talk about and understand about eczema it is important to understand what is eczema?

What Is Eczema??

It is a long term seated recurring disease which affects your skin causing inflammatory rashes, itching, and sometimes oozing from the affected area. It is an immunologically triggered disease which needs treatment for improving your immunity and not medicines which works to improve you cosmetically for a shorter period of time.

Homeopathy is the right solution….

The genetic pre-disposition to develop allergic reactions to substances, or “atopy”, is known to run in families and atopic eczema sufferers will often have rel­atives who suffer with this condition too, and perhaps also have asthma or hay fever. Other types of eczema include contact dermatitis which is caused by environmental or occupa­tional factors and seborrhoeic eczema, which occurs mainly on the scalp and face, often starting off in the form of dandruff which progresses to redness, itching and scaling.

So as it has been seen that eczema have tendency to run in the families (Genetic predisposition) and it can get triggered with number of other factors as well.


Things which you eat can add up into causing your immunity to trigger and causing reactions.
Common Environmental chemicals can be one of the major concern which produces contact dermatitis like soaps, detergents or working in water for a longer period of time.
Stress is one of the factors which increase the intensity of eczema. Over-work, unhappiness and stress can all worsen eczema. Our mental health and well being often reflects on our body.
As eczema gets affected with lots of factors from the environment itself so homeopathy believes in treating you keeping in mind various factors and taking a complete life history of the person. So that person can be treated deep inside. The consultation might involve going into detail about the pregnancy, birth and early years of the patient and finding out about sig­nificant events in their life.

So homeopathy believes in treating you both keeping in mind the pathological changes getting with other emotional changes in your life.

It would be really foolish to treat a disorder externally when it has been manifested outside due to internal derangement of the immunity called vital force.

In conventional mode of treatment antibiotics, antihistamines and steroids are used to manage the symptoms of eczema which gives a short term relief to the patient, which becomes ineffective on the long run. Now-a-days immunosuppressive drugs are used to tackle the complicated cases of eczema as patients have developed resistance for other drugs.

On other hand homeopathy works on the immunity to build up the natural power of body to fight against the disease and is absolutely harmless and non-toxic.

So along with the medication your daily habits and food habits also play a vital role.

So come out of the itchy world and give peace to your skin and calmness to the body and soul.


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