A few days back, I did the consultation of a vitiligo patient, and the patient was constantly asking me “Ma’am, please tell me when will it get cured?” Then I realize that many patients want to get their vitiligo cured. So, let’s discuss whether vitiligo is curable or not.

Vitiligo is not a serious disease. It is a disease condition where skin loses pigment due to some mechanism in the body, such as hormonal problems, immunity-related issues, and genetic factors. Also, it can be triggered by some other factors.

Vitiligo is often considered as a social taboo, even though it is not contagious. Also, it never makes anyone suffer from any major suffering.

Recovery from vitiligo depends on several factors, such as duration i.e. since how long vitiligo is present, expanse or spread i.e. how much area it has covered, the age of the patient, associated diseases, and health conditions, and many other factors. And, you need to note that homeopathy plays an important role in treating vitiligo effectively.

Recovery from vitiligo also depends upon the intensity of the disease. Early and milder cases show excellent results and effective recovery. In moderate and spreading cases, you can expect partial color changes and good control. And, in rapidly spreading cases of vitiligo, you may control it effectively and safely. 

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5 Important Factors To Be Considered While Treating Vitiligo:

Vitiligo is an obstinate disease, so there are many factors that you need to consider while going for its treatment. As each case of vitiligo is different, you need to consider various factors while opting for its treatment. Some of the crucial factors that should be considered while deciding the treatment of vitiligo are below.

  1. Size: Small patches respond to the vitiligo treatment much better than bigger patches. Very big patches may not show any change.
  2. Extent: A single patch of vitiligo responds in a better way than a large number of patches.
  3. Side: Spots involving one side of the body (Unilateral) respond more effectively than the spread of the spots present on both the sides of the body (Bilateral).
  4. Area: Some part of the body requires longer treatment, such as nail bed, lips, corner of the mouth, private parts etc.
  5. Age: Age to plays a crucial role in response to the vitiligo treatment. Children respond to the vitiligo treatment faster than adults.

The disease like vitiligo is very difficult to treat, as there are many factors required to be considered to obtain good and effective results. Most of the vitiligo cases are controllable. But, always remember ‘Good control in spreading is nothing but good success in that case’.

So, if you happen to observe any hypopigmented spot on your skin and think it’s a vitiligo, get in touch with us at Life Force for the right guidance. Don’t worry or panic if you have vitiligo, it can be treated or controlled effectively with homeopathy at your rescue.

– Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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