teethDo you know that your teeth could be a reflection of your overall body health? Your oral health is directly related to your general health. Your teeth are something which you may overlook most of the time. What extra do you do for your dental health apart from brushing them? Many people are so lazy at brushing their teeth too. The habit of just brushing teeth for five minutes and getting rid of it on account of the morning rush of time drastically affects the dental hygiene.

Your teeth tell a lot about your health. Let us see some signs which should be noted in regards to your oral hygiene.

  • Teeth cavity – This is the most commonly observed sign which signifies poor dental hygiene. It is found in individuals of any age but practically seen in children. Children are more prone to cavitation as they do not really take care of the teeth as they should due to lack of knowledge, motivation, and training. Parents have a major role to play as far as their children’s oral hygiene is concerned. What do they eat? when do they eat? how do they eat their food? Matters a lot. A keen parent will monitor the child’s teeth often to look for any dark, mottled, brown spots on the teeth that signify bacterial infection due to food accumulation between the teeth.
  • Teeth grinding (Bruxism) – Many of you must have experienced your partner or your kids grinding their teeth in sleep. Clinically known as bruxism, it is a one of the diagnostic sign of worm infestations, underlying stress. One may not come to know in their sleep but usually wake up with painful jaw or a heavy head.
  • Bleeding from the teeth and gums – One may notice blood on the toothbrush while brushing their teeth. The bleeding is from the gums on account of sensitive and soft gums which are sensitive to touch. They bleed even on touch. This is a classical sign of Vitamin C deficiency called as scurvy. One can tackle this deficiency by intake of Vitamin C rich foods or Vitamin C supplements.
  • Sensitive teeth – This is a common faced which makes to visit the dentist. There are many causes behind a weak enamel cover. Having too much of soft drinks, colas, fruity canned drinks are the commonest cause. The enamel removal or weak enamel makes the teeth sensitive and causes pain on eating cold and sour foods. This is also a sign of acidity (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease).
  • Bad odor from the mouth (Halitosis) – The subject may not sense bad smell from the mouth but is always noted by someone else in the family or one who he is in regular contact. His friends and family members may bring this to your notice. Bad breath or bad odor from the mouth is an indication of improper digestion, constipation, caries of teeth, bleeding gums and above all and bad oral hygiene.
  • Lichen planus – The teeth may not get affected as much as the inner lining of the mouth in lichen planus. On examining the oral cavity, one may notice grayish white lacy streaks on the tongue, the inner side of the cheeks. Gums may look red or grayish and may bleed sometimes. It is a serious disease which has to be tackled within time. Homeopathy has a great scope in treating and curing lichen planus.
  • Candidiasis – As mentioned above, candidiasis may mimick lichen planus and it does not affect the teeth as much as the tongue, inner cheeks etc. It is a fungal infection which affects oral hygiene and lowers the immunity.
  • Chelitis – It is a commonly seen amongst children especially the ones who do not eat well and have nutritional deficiencies. It is characterized by cracks at the corners of the mouth, burning in the mouth with irritation after eating certain foods. This is a sign of vitamin B complex and folate deficiencies. It is also a marker of digestive errors and defective assimilation.

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It is wise to be watchful about your oral hygiene since the mouth is the gateway to an essentially good health and harmonious functioning of your body. A good oral health reflects a good digestive system, metabolism and smooth functioning of various systems in the body. A self-examination is at least you can do regularly while you look into the mirror. As external beauty is good to look at, an internal beauty is good to feel and remain symptom-free by enjoying good health. Teeth help you to chew good tasty food, so why not protect and take care of them.

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– Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, Life Force Homeopathy


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