Prediabetes is a condition in which patient blood sugar is chronically elevated though not so high as indicated in fully blown diabetes. It means a combination of risk factors is leading you down the path toward type 2 diabetes. By some studies, type 2 diabetes can cut off 10 years of your life. The good news is prediabetes is reversible. The sooner you recognize the problem the sooner you turn down the risk factors of the disease such as overweight obesity leading a sedentary lifestyle and consuming too much added sugar. There is also a genetic component you can’t change but you can protect yourself by paying strict attention to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Your doctor should be testing your blood sugar at regular checkups but how can you tell if you are prediabetic throughout the year. There are some signs and symptoms that you need to note and be careful of.

Unexplained hunger: Sugar or glucose is the fuel source you need to power your body. When you feel hungry all the time it is a signal and warning bell that you are in Pre diabetic stage. If you feel hungry after a meal means the body is not using up your energy. Insulin produced by the pancreas is unable to process glucose. It s better to drink some water for you to flush out extra glucose through urine and partake gentle exercise to improve insulin sensitivity. The body should have the capacity of absorbing the food through glucose intake to increase its productivity. Since the body is not using up the glucose produced from food you tend to feel more hungry. This calls for attention and rings a warning bell. Unexplained hunger what is termed as polyphagia is one of the signs of diabetes mellitus

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Increased thirst: Increased thirst especially after a meal can signal diabetes. Your body begins to work very hard to eliminate glucose from the bloodstream and one of the ways is by eliminating sugar from the blood via urine by flushing out toxins. To get that water the body will pull it from surrounding cells in case it becomes dehydrated and leaves you chronically thirsty. When you are locked in the vicious cycle you may experience dehydration no matter how much you drink. However, there is some evidence that staying properly hydrated can help to prevent the development of diabetes. This is termed as polydipsia where there is increased thirst levels rise leading to the patient being more thirsty. Start by drinking more water and taking more stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can. Then cut out on sodas and fast meals food and your sugary bedtime snack.

Increased urination: with increased thirst comes an extreme desire to urinate. This is termed as polyuria which causes excessive urination and increased frequency of urination. Polyuria occurs when your body urinates more frequently. Frequent urination can lead to too extreme dehydration and tiredness and extreme thirst. Everything is interconnected in a vicious cycle and as excessive glucose is secreted from the urine the body is in a state of extreme hunger and thirst because the insulin does not allow the body cells to use up the glucose which in turn makes you more tired and exhausted. As most of it is getting secreted the urine cannot pull up the glucose from the kidneys due to excessive amounts being secreted that needs to be taken care of. This a warning bell or signal when you are prediabetic stage which you need to take care of.

Extreme exhaustion: After there are polyuria and polydipsia that is increased urination and increased thirst respectively, It is important to note that the body goes in a state of dehydration or since the body cannot absorb the glucose due to defect in the insulin from the pancreas which is not allowing the cells to absorb it, It may lead to a stage of extreme exhaustion and extreme fatigue which leads to increased hunger. This unexplained hunger can make it more difficult for the body to adapt to the insulin sensitivity which needs to develop in the body for the body to absorb glucose. The fact that you are excreting more glucose through urine and increased bouts of frequent urination which is leading to extreme exhaustion and extreme fatigue despite eating well it is important to consult a doctor in regards to the same who can help you will certain changes of lifestyle modifications.


Lifestyle modifications

Take care of diet: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and have frequent and small meals. Do not overdo. It is understood that you have excessive hunger but make sure that you do not eat much as it may lead to obesity which is difficult to be taken care of which needs to look into. If you grow obese and overweight then the insulin resistance defect can be seen in the body and it will be difficult to control the blood sugar levels which have created this vicious cycle

Make sure that you sweat it out: It is important to exercise regularly and make sure you seat it out to increase your insulin sensitivity and power and it will keep you at bay from obesity which will keep your weight under control which will help you in reducing weight as well. Once you start reducing weight you can overcome the prediabetic stage and this would help in preventing falling prey to other long term antidiabetic medicines. Proper consultation and guidance are essential for overcoming the prediabetic stage which is essential.

Stay hydrated. Drink more water when hungry. Make sure that you are thirsty and not hungry. This will also take care of your weigh and help in flushing out the excess glucose from your bloodstream and it will take care of the sugar levels in the body. Drink more water and stay hydrated to avoid exhaustion.

Follow these steps in lifestyle modification to keep prevent the prediabetic stage which will take care of diabetes in the long run and the prediabetic stage is reversible so you can prevent long term anti-diabetic medicines.

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