Atopic Dermatitis or atopic allergy (Eczema) is an anti-inflammatory condition wherein a sudden change in the appearance and color of the skin occurs resulting in itchy bumpy rashes that lead to blisters and swelling in some cases. The skin starts to look dry & flaky, and prolonged conditions may also turn the skin thick & hard, sometimes, accompanied by pain, asthma, & hay fever.


The term ‘Atopic’ includes conditions related to asthma, eczema, hay fever, and food allergy all of which are susceptible to allergies resulting due to immune imbalance or disorders. The prime reason for the fluctuating immune can be a weak immune system. A child diagnosed with atopic dermatitis may develop these conditions too. (although not in every case).


The skin disorder frequently occurs in children, although any age is susceptible to it. The condition attacks a specific part of the body and can spread to the whole body. In children, it affects the cheeks & scalp. Atopic dermatitis in adults occurs on the elbows & knees.


Eczema can either be acute or chronic. Atomic Dermatitis, being one of the categories of Eczema, is a chronic condition that means it may affect for a long duration and tends to relapse from time to time. Some people may outgrow it, while others struggle throughout adulthood with the flares and clearing up for a few days or even for years. The good thing is Atopic Dermatitis is non-contagious and can be treated using different medications.


A variety of methods are available for atopic dermatitis treatment, such as topical medications that would include certain moisturizers and ointments to keep the symptoms under control. But, these topical treatments do more harm than healing, particularly children (the most affected ones with the condition). They have tender skin, and applying the harsh topical medications can damage their gentle skin to a greater extent.


Oral prescriptions are another way to treat this condition. But, not every child can swallow the big pills. Going for light therapy is again not a good option as it can take a lot of your precious time & money. Home remedies for treating Atopic Dermatitis can be an option. However, one may struggle to keep up with them.


Besides various available medications, Homeopathy is the safest, quick, and gentle form of medicine. Homeopathic medicines for atopic dermatitis can be prescribed to a patient of any age group. All homeopathic medicines are derived from natural sources and have no side effects. These medicines are selected based on the individual symptoms, the location of rashes, causative factors, the time when the symptoms worsen, what foods trigger the blisters, etc.


Homeopathy medicines for atopic dermatitis treatment not just focus on eradicating the symptoms but also on bringing in the overall (mental, physical, & emotional) well-being of a patient. By considering all these factors, a certified Homeopath plans the treatment and prescribes medicines accordingly. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed to consume as sweet pills in smaller doses, which is easier to take for children of any age.


Some of the most common medications employed in treating Atopic Dermatitis are Sulphur, Mezereum, Graphite, Petroleum, Vinca Minor, Arsenic Album, & Calendula. Though these medicines are known to give a safe & great relief from atopic dermatitis, you should not practice their consumption without consultation.


By identifying the root cause and remedy for it, Homeopathy improves the immunity to reduce the sensitivity towards the allergens, thereby promoting healing, relief, and peace of mind. Remember, the medications may take some required time to work that can vary from months to even years. Additionally, individual response to treatment matters.


Atopic dermatitis not only affects an individual, but the whole family suffers as well. Though there is no permanent cure for this chronic condition, having the precise homeopathic treatment for eczema dermatitis and care can help one deal with atopic dermatitis effectively and lead a life in a better way.





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