pemphigusPemphigus is an autoimmune disease which is rarely found. This is a disease of mucous membrane and skin of mouth, nose, throat, eyes and genitals. This is the disease of blisters.

The causes of disease:

As the disease is an autoimmune disease, our immunity system mistakenly attacks our upper layer of skin i.e. epidermis. Our immunity develops the antibodies against the protein named desmogleins, which produce glue to stick the skin layers. When the protein is attacked, the skin cells separated from each other and the fluid collected between the two layers forms the blisters that do not heal. These blisters cover the large area of skin.

  • Some patients have a genetic link also.
  • Few medications are also the triggering factors.


  1. Mainly the blisters on the skin and mucous membrane.
  2. Oozing after the rupturing the blisters.
  3. Open sores.
  4. Itching in some condition.

Main types of Pemphigus:

  1. Pemphigus Vulgaris: It mainly affects the mucous membrane of mouth then on skin or mucous membrane of genitals. The blisters are painful but not itchy.
  2. Pemphigus foliaceous: It never affects the mucous membrane, but affects the skin mainly on back chest and shoulder. The blisters are not painful but itchy.
  3. Pemphigus vegetans: The blisters appear on the groin, feet, and underarms.
  4. Paraneoplastic pemphigus: It is a very rare type; the blisters appear in people with some type of cancer. The blisters and sores appear in the mouth, on skin and lips. They may also appear as some scars on eyelids and eyes.

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Diagnosis of disease:

  1. It is diagnosed with a particular test by dermatologist only. The test for Nikolsky`s sign. The positive sign when your skin shears off easily when the surface is wiped sideways with a cotton or a finger.
  2. The biopsy of a blister is the important diagnosis tool.

Risk factors:

If the disease is not treated properly it may be fatal. If it appears in middle or old age, it may increase the risk. People of Jewish ancestry have increased the risk of this disease.

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The open sores increase the risk of infection which if spread to bloodstream can be fatal.

It includes:

  1. Infection to skin
  2. Infection spread to blood causes sepsis
  3. Gum diseases if blisters in mouth
  4. Medication side effect
  5. Death from infection


  • In Allopathy the corticosteroids used to suppress the immune system so that it will stop attacking the tissues. Antibiotics, antifungal and antiviral are also used in treatment.
  • In the extensive type of diseases patient treated with intravenous (IV) immunoglobulin (IG) which are very expensive and needs a large amount of donation and specially processed blood.
  • In Homeopathy we have great scope for the treatment of some types of Pemphigus.

Homeopathy aims at addressing the underlying process and after effect of auto-immune activity. The results with homeopathy may not be as drastic and quick as probably with the use of cortisone. However, homeopathy is strongly indicated in most cases of pemphigus as a support measure, which helps not only to manage the disease better but also helps to reduce the dependency of cortisone.

Homeopathy is strongly recommended for pemphigus.

– Written by Dr. Mansi, Life Force Homeopathy

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